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  1. MikeKing

    Dynamic X-particles merging into volume

    Ok - nice thx. Yeah, I need to work on my profile a little. Doing that now.
  2. MikeKing

    Dynamic X-particles merging into volume

    #natevplas thanks for your reply. Yes, I have C4D Studio, X-Particles, After Effects and Particular. My question is more about the specifics of how to achieve the challenge rather than the software. I'm well versed in all of the above but before I go down a rabbit hole, I'm curious if there is a method that someone has used to achieve this animation. As stated above, I have created 75% of the animation in Cinema using X-Particles but I am stuck on how to have the balls merge into the brain.
  3. I'm trying to find the best way to create this animation. The animation will start with the red "brain" shape in the center of the screen. The "balls" will be floating or moving past the brain from all directions. Some of the balls will pass by the brain without interacting. Some of the balls will bounce off of the brain. Then, all at once, the balls begin to move towards the brain and get "sucked" into the brain shape and eventually turn the brain light blue. I have created a simple test using X-Particles and dynamics. I am able to get the balls to float around the screen and bounce off of the brain. I also used an attractor effector to get the balls to move towards and stick to the brain but I don't know how to get the balls to suck into the brain. Questions: 1) Is x-particles the way to go here? 2) Would this be better executed in After Effects using shapes and masks? Seems that I may need to animate each ball individually this way. 3) Maybe this would be better using fields in C4D. The end product should look flat 2D so I don't necessarily need a "volume". Thanks y'all. Mike
  4. MikeKing

    Panel animation question

    Looks to me like it’s a really basic setup. Create a plane. Select some edges from the center of the plane and pull them up on the Y axis. Then animate that same edge moving on the z axis. Of course you’ll need to select and move multiple edges to make it look like the example but it seems like the example only moves 2 or 3 times. Good luck.