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  1. @Cerbera You are the BEST ! I appreciate the time you've taken to make these tutorials
  2. thanks for your help @Cerbera, i corrected my geometry and tried to make a UV like what you made, but i got distortions again. After some unpackings i got this result : What do you think about this UV ? is it bad to have this many islands for a simple object like this ? Edit: Yes, it's a bad idea... I can't get it right, i'm going crazy! Can you send the project so i can look it up?
  3. Hi there. I've been trying to UV a curvy object but i can't make it looks right. Can someone help me with UVing this ? CurvyObject.c4d
  4. @bezo@Cerbera thank you very much guys these helped so much
  5. Hi there, I'm trying to make hairs for my character. As you can see in the picture below i want to make hairs like this but i have no idea to how to make hairs like this... is it possible to make this using Cinema4D Hairs or i need to make this using FiberMesh ?
  6. @Cerbera Yes you're right ! Looks like i have a lot work to do. Thanks again for helping me out <3
  7. @Cerbera Ow, Worked successfully by doing these two. It's so hard to achieve this result (and also time consuming) if i want to do multiple holes. I think i should use displacement maps maybe?
  8. @Cerbera After an hour of working on this , i finally got some result close to yours. but my flow is wrong and when i try to loop select lines , some weird results come up... don't know what to do to fix this problem
  9. @Cerbera Thank you for you great explanations, may i have the project file of your example so i can look it up closely ?
  10. Hi there, I want to make a capsule shaped hole on my cylinder but i don't know how... I know i can use Boolean but it just ruins the polygons. Is there anyway to do this without Bool ? (I'm doing Hard-Surface Modeling)
  11. Well, I'm so dumb ! i will test this solution tomorrow, thx
  12. i made a default plane with 20x20 segments + Subdivide 2 (Default). I don't know where is the problem with this. could you give me a good tutorial about this please?
  13. Hey there, I'm trying to get some wrinkles on my soft plane/cube which i put some objects on it, to make it realistic. I put a plane with cloth tag on it and simulated it ( also dropped an object on it ). So i done all things but i just got an simple and unrealistic collisions and simulations ( Without any wrinkles ). Also don't want to displace the plane using some noise to get wrinkles because it's not accurate. I attached a reference so you could know what i'm trying to make. Unfortunately the person who rendered this image ( reference ) is using Maya NCloth. I'm thinking about switching to Maya because of it's powerful tools but maybe C4D has the tools too and i don't have the right skill to use them. Could you help me at this and giving me tips on creating something like this ? my whole point is getting those realistic wrinkles
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