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  1. @Cerbera Yes you're right ! Looks like i have a lot work to do. Thanks again for helping me out <3
  2. @Cerbera Ow, Worked successfully by doing these two. It's so hard to achieve this result (and also time consuming) if i want to do multiple holes. I think i should use displacement maps maybe?
  3. @Cerbera After an hour of working on this , i finally got some result close to yours. but my flow is wrong and when i try to loop select lines , some weird results come up... don't know what to do to fix this problem
  4. @Cerbera Thank you for you great explanations, may i have the project file of your example so i can look it up closely ?
  5. Hi there, I want to make a capsule shaped hole on my cylinder but i don't know how... I know i can use Boolean but it just ruins the polygons. Is there anyway to do this without Bool ? (I'm doing Hard-Surface Modeling)
  6. Well, I'm so dumb ! i will test this solution tomorrow, thx
  7. i made a default plane with 20x20 segments + Subdivide 2 (Default). I don't know where is the problem with this. could you give me a good tutorial about this please?
  8. Hey there, I'm trying to get some wrinkles on my soft plane/cube which i put some objects on it, to make it realistic. I put a plane with cloth tag on it and simulated it ( also dropped an object on it ). So i done all things but i just got an simple and unrealistic collisions and simulations ( Without any wrinkles ). Also don't want to displace the plane using some noise to get wrinkles because it's not accurate. I attached a reference so you could know what i'm trying to make. Unfortunately the person who rendered this image ( reference ) is using Maya NCloth. I'm thinking about switching to Maya because of it's powerful tools but maybe C4D has the tools too and i don't have the right skill to use them. Could you help me at this and giving me tips on creating something like this ? my whole point is getting those realistic wrinkles
  9. oh, didn't heard about Mari since now, everybody is explaining about 3DCoat for it's workflow. but i take a look at Mari anyway. you suggest Mari or 3DCoat ?
  10. Wow , great explanation as always Dan. you helped a lot, Thank You very much
  11. yes exactly, sorry i can't explain these things perfectly... (attached an image(DAZ Texture) for better meaning, people add some details(Marked with blue in image) on the diffuse color, also they create realistic body texture like using different colors and highlighting some areas but i don't know how then done this !) I appreciate if you help me
  12. i watched all your videos , good job and keep it up dude, really enjoyed all your tutorials. I have another question from you cause you are master in character creating. I'm wondering that how people are creating skins, for example DAZ skins , are they paint on UVs using Substance Painter or using reference images to project on UVs ?
  13. Thanks for your great answer, i will start learning and mastering Cinema4D Hair system, i don't like Maya because it's not user-friendly and it's confusing.
  14. Hi there, I'm learning to create characters using ZBrush and Cinema4D for almost a couple months. A problem which i have is creating the hair, i saw all the hairs and furs are created using Maya and it's plugins like Shave & Haircut , Yeti , ...etc, But i didn't found any tutorial or a good plugin for creating realistic hairs in Cinema4D and also the official hair plugin in Cinema4D it's not suitable for what i need ( i Think ), and the reason that i want to create hairs is the hair models on internet (Most Daz3D Contents) are some meshes with Alpha Map which make the hair unrealistic and bad, i need a hair with it's polygons(Without any Alpha Map). So i really appreciate if somebody gives me a tutorial link (Free Or Premium) or giving tips about this. Thanks,



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