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  1. This is something that has bugged me for years. A really common thing I'm asked to do is create a trail of floating objects. The obvious quick solution to this is to clone them onto a spline with a keyframed offset value and use mograph effectors to add variation. The one thing I'm never happy with is the rotation generated by effectors. You basically have two options: Random mode - will rotate a bit one way, then change direction, then stop and flip the other way again; or noise/turbulence mode which is smoother but still changes direction too much. A real floating object with angular momentum would rotate additively on all axis. I would love a way to make all my clones rotate continuously at varying speeds without having to use dynamics.
  2. Thanks a lot mate, yeah I did expect that to happen - just hoped I'd be able to find a workaround. I have eight jello cubes, each with around 80 bubbles cloned inside. So far my best solution is to set the volume distribution to surface mode (random) and then offset them a bit along the normals until they're inside. Luckily in my case this just about works because my cubes are quite thin, but in alternative situations it wouldn't be ideal. I don't think that including the bubbles in the simulation is an option either as they would just end up bouncing around inside the cubes, no? Here is my very simple scene file before I baked the simulation: Jello_Collision.c4d
  3. I've created a scene with jello cubes colliding in mid-air using soft-body dynamics. I'm happy with the simulation and have baked it down into keyframes. I now want to clone lots of small spheres inside the baked jello objects to make little bubbles of air. I do this with a cloner set to volume distribution (random). This looks fine on a still frame, but when I play the animation the clones are jumping around, disappearing, reappearing all over the place. If I switch the volume mode from random to surface it works, but I need them to be inside. Any ideas how to work around this? Thanks.
  4. I'm trying to create an animated version of this look - some molecules that move around and form into a logo. I've approached it by cloning spheres and cylinders onto the points and edges of the logo mesh and then moving them around with a displacer. My problem now is that I want to render it with transparency, and this looks awful due to the intersecting of the cylinders cloned onto the edges. The cloner scales them to be the same length as the edges, but actually they should be that length MINUS the radius of the connected spheres so that they don't intersect. That way I can taper the ends of the cylinders to connect more naturally with the surface of the spheres. I'm thinking the solution will involve either xpresso or the skinner tool. I already tried the skinner (as well as xpskinner) but it was messy and extremely slow with the number of clones I have. Any advice would be really helpful, cheers.
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