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  1. alexfsu

    How loop a random effected sequence

    awesome, switching to noise worked! I liked water, are there any others that won't loop properly that MAXON has listed somewhere? thanks Cerbera!
  2. alexfsu

    How loop a random effected sequence

    watery moving blob dec.c4d here ya go! seems the fps matches up. It's just regular noise too. When I press play in the project it loops okay, but when I render it's off.
  3. alexfsu

    How loop a random effected sequence

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/53j877dlp8y25w5/IMG_2247.MOV?dl=0 not working Im afraid, see movie please
  4. I have this randomly effected blob that rotates, but I want to loop it for 4 minutes without having to render out 4 minutes, more like 15 seconds. When I duplicate the scene in After Effects its not looping right, probably because its random lol. How can I get this moving blob effect and have it loop after 15 seconds? Thanks.
  5. I need to have a camera that keeps moving around in the same direction, and I can't currently when I keyframe the position, it only goes to 100%, or 360 degrees. How can I have the camera keep moving around in a circle the same direction? Thanks.
  6. damn that is cool! i wish my computer could handle the preview haha, thanks guys. btw the expresso to get an already moving object to move faster when sound hits was advised by another member, here's the project of that sound_rot.c4d
  7. I can't get the shader effector to do anything, I know it's right in front of me. Sorry :/ shader effector.c4d
  8. I know how to get things to speed up movement briefly when music plays like in this. But I can't figure out how to create the undulating alien-like artwork that is so damn cool! Anyone know where to begin? Thanks.
  9. i tried random effector to no avail. ideally i want to create stuff like this (as an artist really), where it's like organic movement, and modulates when beats hit. i have the sound effector expresso part down, I just need the subject, haha. to be fair, I do think he's using a kaleidescope effect of some kind, possibly in AE. but would be cool to get this alien organic pulsing kind of visual in c4d!
  10. Created spline Cloner to object mode Rate 20% The plain effector no longer has any effect. Should I be aligning the plain effector to the spline?
  11. i know this must be hard to understand, sorry about that. i just want an object to always be evolving, like an ocean, just waves continuously going through it. With a plain effector automating it back and forth, waves will move sharply left, and then sharply right. I tried with the curve you showed :/
  12. here the plain effector changes the shapes of the object when you drag it right. I'd like the effector move in a circle (rotate) so that the object is always being effected. Then I can vary the speed of the effect via sound effector. wave effect displacera.c4d
  13. I want to animate my object via the plain effector, but instead of moving left and right or up and down, I want to the object to be steadily affected by the plain effector. I tried rotating the plain effector to no avail. How can I do this please?
  14. omg thank you! so what else did you change besides the b-spline to bezier to get it like that? I can't figure out what else you changed
  15. I can't seem to find the right settings to have this gooey string fall and not intersect with itself. soft body strings NEW.c4d