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  1. awesome, switching to noise worked! I liked water, are there any others that won't loop properly that MAXON has listed somewhere? thanks Cerbera!
  2. watery moving blob dec.c4d here ya go! seems the fps matches up. It's just regular noise too. When I press play in the project it loops okay, but when I render it's off.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/53j877dlp8y25w5/IMG_2247.MOV?dl=0 not working Im afraid, see movie please
  4. I have this randomly effected blob that rotates, but I want to loop it for 4 minutes without having to render out 4 minutes, more like 15 seconds. When I duplicate the scene in After Effects its not looping right, probably because its random lol. How can I get this moving blob effect and have it loop after 15 seconds? Thanks.

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