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  1. Redshift Impressions

    Just got the Red shift Alpha and HFSB's its fast. Coming from Octane I was a little 'EH?' but been diving into some tutorials and I like it, while the node editor isn't as nice looking as Cycles, The native shaders are pretty versatile, testing away and so far so good. Might set up a couple of scenes one I rendered in octane and try and recreate it in redshift and do a comparison. An initial experiment with a dome light and an HDRI which wouldn't resolve its noise for some reason was interesting, but then just changed HDRIs and it was ok again phew. I've followed this thread and see you've had the same *** moment on some of the extreme settings (or reverse) i've had, as in things are changed by 0.001 of increments which seems a little nuts but I guess just a quirk of the renderer. One area im really impressed by is the volume lights, Octane just slows to a crawl but Redshift just chewed through a volume area light like nothing I must say its pretty incredible Anywho testing and more testing, defo a steeper learning curve but nothing crazy.
  2. Redshift Impressions

    Loving the Red Shift Render, Just email'd the devs for an alpha copy (if possible) to help with testing and from what I can see I'll defo be getting a licence. I got Cycles 4D on impulse and a little underwhelmed if im honest, might be typing a refund email. But Redshift looks epic!
  3. Some C4D Experiments

    The surface attenuation and coalescence could be better. As test though I'm pretty happy with it. If there was a way to have dyamic details on moving parts i.e on the cube and then less details on surfaces with little vorticity. That way it would look less choppy. A couple of screens are below without MB
  4. Some C4D Experiments

    Here is the render as an animation
  5. Some C4D Experiments

    Thanks for the comments, I find Octane quite simple to use, you just need to learn the idiosyncrasies of it and the results are stunning. I think the render is a little weird as the fluid sim is still pretty viscous in terms of mesh size. it was only a quick sim and test .
  6. I've just recently purchased C4D, Xparticles and Octane and experimenting and learning as I go. At the moment rendering out a fluid sim to test xparticles and how fast it can be. Loving it so far.