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  1. There any chance that this move to subscription model could see an increase in feature releases rather than LOOOONG annual ones...I'm not sure why yearly updates make sense in this day and age (See Substance software and how frequent their updates are) It's like you wait over a year to hear what they've been working on and then if they haven't touched what you hoped they would it leaves you frustrated knowing you have another year to hope they focus on it (Usually same again happens) Xpresso is so powerful and was a genius feature but it's just been left.
  2. Thanks! That works a treat in the console! Thanks a lot for your help so far! If I want to then pass these values to the camera control setting how would I go about that? I've tried to modify your code to change the user data focal length box within the CAMERA CONTROLLER tab...Doesn't seem to work so I'm clearly doing something wrong... Once I crack this I'll be able to use the same code to pass values around with button presses, which is kinda all I want ATM :/ import c4d #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): return c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Onull) def message(msgId, msgData): if msgId == c4d.MSG_DESCRIPTION_COMMAND: desc_id = event_data['msg_data']['id'] if msgData['id'] == c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(c4d.ID_USERDATA), c4d.DescLevel(9)): op.GetObject()[c4d.ID_USERDATA,8] = 36 #PASS VALUES GO UD CAMERA CONTROLLER WHICH IS LINKED TO CAMERA OBJECT? elif msgData['id'] == c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(c4d.ID_USERDATA), c4d.DescLevel(13)): op.GetObject()[c4d.ID_USERDATA,8] = 50 elif msgData['id'] == c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(c4d.ID_USERDATA), c4d.DescLevel(15)): op.GetObject()[c4d.ID_USERDATA,8] = 80 return True
  3. Yeah I think I'm just trying to see how python can integrate into an xpresso workflow and how far I can go with it without going full on development...I do really enjoy creating these rigs so it's something I'd like to get into.. What are your tips on starting out with python plugin development...How would I go about creating an object plugin like this that has the interface...I think I struggle with the fact it's not just about learning Python (As I have experience in PHP) but the fact it's how C4D works with Python that I struggle with. Appreciate the help so far, would love love some tips on getting started.
  4. Thanks foe the reply! How would I insert the ID? I know it's a lot to ask but I don't suppose you could look at this file and see if you can get the buttons to work by putting in the focal length to the camera...At least then I could look at your working code and learn from it...At the moment as soon as I change it to what I think I get syntax error :/ I feel like this stuff is the hardest stuff to learn as there seems to be such a lack of resource :( In the file you'll see a Python node where I've tried to get it working, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look? Many thanks, CameraRig_002.c4d
  5. Hi, I've had to post here as the xpresso/python forum seems to be broken...Anyway... I'm in between projects and trying to improve my rigs to work better and more intuitive but having issues getting what I want with xpresso. I'm trying to make it so that I have a list of buttons to select focal length of the camera which just passed the data to the camera tag...I'm assuming from my research that this can't be done in xpresso alone and I've been meaning to get into Python...How would I sense when a user data button has been pressed and then feed the variable say '36mm' to the camera....I have previous experience in programming so understanding the logic should be fairly easy I'm just struggling to get anything to work with the very limited amount of support for python within C4D. As you can see in the screenshot I have the focal length presets and the 'flush keyframes' button, this is the functionality I'd like to achieve in the python node. I did find some examples online of code to do this but my node always turns yellow with an error, not sure if this is to do with R20 core changes :/ Anyway, would be awesome to get an answer to this as I can think of so many use cases of creating buttons which fire parameters to multiple places in a single button press. Help would be appreciated! Many thanks, Mike.
  6. Because it's not a video file AE has no way of knowing what the frame rate is...Always remember to 'Hit Remember Interpretation' (Ctrl+Alt+C) then when you bring a sequence you can just right click > Apply Interpretation (Ctrl+Alt+V). Get's me still to this day.
  7. I don't actually get why people are jumping over to GPU when they only have 1 mid range Nvidia card with no plans to expand...CPU solutions are much more sophisticated and stable currently if your only going to roll with one singular piece of hardware, you probably won't see much but a marginal speed increase over the CPU. Saying that I did jump ship, got carried away and ended up with 2x 1080 hybrids and a new additional machine with 3x watercooled 1080tis...So I guess I took the plunge and yet I still want more speed Bottom line: You can add more GPUs to a system with most motherboards, but your pretty stuck with 1 CPU for most consumer grade mobos.
  8. You my friend are a saint! Thanks alot!
  9. I wanted to create 2 render presets which I use for every single project and noticed you can right click > Save Preset...However I added the same one twice and now I don't know how to delete it, or even clear the list so I can start again...It seems like once you 'Save Preset...' you cannot delete them? I'm talking about deleting the PRESET not the render settings at the side, they are easy to delete and rearrange. It would be nice to actually utilise this preset list but for projects and have starting presets for different render engines that I use or even quick access to test settings. Many thanks.
  10. Hi I have a simple xpresso setup on a null which simply just controls the grid size of the document (I know it's simple) BUT in order to use it you have to open up the document I made it in, otherwise xpresso unlinks the parameters. I just wondered if there was a way of turning this into a plugin like function where I could hit a button and it creates the object with the relevant xpresso linked to the current document. I would like to learn how to do things like this because I'm always trying to improve my workflow by creating 'rigs' or templates, but would love to take this to the next level. Would I have to go down the Python route or is there a simpler way? I did find this (http://www.mattrittman.com/how-to-create-macros-actions-in-cinema-4d) Which seems perfect but didn't work as it doesn't record the Xpresso part of the setup and is very limited in other areas. Would love some advice on how to achieve things like this, if there's any techniques or training you can point me to?
  11. Hi, I've always struggled with high poly modeling with sub-d, seems like a puzzle which is super time consuming and often times end up getting in a mess with support edges and having to go back on myself. Anyway I was watching this vid (Hes using blender) I know it's a pretty fast timelapse, but he seems to be getting away with alot in terms of mesh topology and he doesn't appear to be adding support edges, and the sub-d seems to be acting very nicely. Is this a Blender thing or am I missing something? Are there similar techniques/workflows for C4D?
  12. We've been using Octane for our animations and although its faster than most CPU renders, it's not much faster for interiors. It buckles when doing indoor scenes, I've got it down to a minute per frame but it's super grainy..We have 2x Pascal Titan X so I'm just not too happy with the render times, there's only so much you can do in post. Don't really get how a game engine can render at like 150fps at 4k but 1 awfull looking 720p frame takes a whole minute. Does Redshift offer decent render times for animation/interiors? Would love to get hold of a sample file to see what speeds I get before jumping into learning it.
  13. I have been playing around with alembic actually and learnt alot from this project that I will be stressing to the team in future...Can I just ask what are the difference between Alembic and xrefs? I feel like they are similar but what are the pros and cons of using one over the other? I wouldn't mind being able to offset the start of an animation within an alembic file, and currently can't see a way of doing that with either of the formats. I've just read up on this again, I believe I enabled this a while back after reading about AE integration with Cinema, thought nothing of it at the time but after reading it makes complete sense! It seems it embeds a polygonal version of the scene which could explain it. I will check this first thing in the morning when I get to work.
  14. Materials are minimal, infact I use mostly the same material across the room as it's quite a minimal room. Mograph caches are pretty non-existent as i've baked most of the stuff to keyframes...Even so 8gb is the size when I remove alot of the scenes so I'm not sure whats going on. What would generally be larger in file size the dynamic cache or baking to keyframes? Like I said I had this problem with r17 files previously, but thought they'd fixed a bug because when I opened a 10gb project file in r18 and saved it ended up saving out at around 20mb...No word a lie. I can't see how any agency would be able to work like this so there must be something abit abnormal going on.
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