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  1. I think "CV-Frame Range" was never included in CV Toolbox. Just log-in with your cineversity membership and go to this page here: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/cv-frame_range_install You'll then find a download button "Files" on the right to the instructor. Download the PlugIn as .zip file. I found the best way to easily get the individual frame ranges is to use "Magic Miss Frame", the rendering with this plugin is broken, so that's why you can't get further with it. - The benefit is that this plugin also takes the given render range of the render settings into account. Another alternative I've successfully tested, is to use a program called https://www.aeriform.io/ramma "Ramma", which also checks a sequence of files and is able to generate a text file with missing frame ranges - press [Report] This list can also be copied and pasted into CV-Frame Range. You would only need to manually fill in the range after the last rendered frame and the last frame of your sequence. (because the program can't know the total length)
  2. Yes, it is possible with team render to picture viewer! By using the PlugIn "MagicMissFrame" 1.1 which displays all the missing frames of your rendered image sequence in a format like this: 3, 9, 98, 112, 246, 45858. (make sure in Render Settings, a real path is set, no support for "tokens" $mm$pass) Plus another PlugIn called "CV-Frame Range" available to cineversity members only, where you can enter a frame Range in the format(e.g. 1-10, 17, 30. ...). The PlugIn would then auto-create a subset of your Render Settings with dedicated frame ranges assigned via the Take System (introduced in R17). Now, just copy and paste the entire contents between those two little gems. Command Line rendering is not a feasible option with larger projects, because you would need to copy and paste each individual [frame range] into a seperate line like this: "C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R18\Commandline.exe" -render "\\Projects\Production\c4d\sc001-BG.c4d" -frame 1787 1821 1" At least at my project, I had had hundreds of individual lines I would have to enter, because I'm using a render farm with 14 clients (14+ splitting points for the sequence). Hope this helps.
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