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  1. Hello everyone, I've been experiencing commandline rendering failures due to missing available licenses on farm rendering machines with eight nvidia gpus, using thingbox deadline as render manager and redshift floating as renderer. As it turns out the issue is related to a cinema bug, where each individual gpu requests a license from the MAXON license server, but this status is written to the same file for each gpu, instead of one file per gpu. Leading to a problem when the operating system locks a file while it is written, while another licensing status update process also tr
  2. Hey, I've been recently trying to use the Character object to make use of the Advanced Quadruped template, but ran into problems concerning the situation where the Rig would break (the back legs) between the skinning and animation step. I would then try to use the Quadruped (simple) instead, but also ran into problems, where the front and back hip controllers would be off to one side. As well as the ears, which jump back and forth when changing between adjust and create tabs. So Haven't actually been able to get the character rigged using the templates. So,
  3. I think "CV-Frame Range" was never included in CV Toolbox. Just log-in with your cineversity membership and go to this page here: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/cv-frame_range_install You'll then find a download button "Files" on the right to the instructor. Download the PlugIn as .zip file. I found the best way to easily get the individual frame ranges is to use "Magic Miss Frame", the rendering with this plugin is broken, so that's why you can't get further with it. - The benefit is that this plugin also takes the given render range of the render settings i
  4. Yes, it is possible with team render to picture viewer! By using the PlugIn "MagicMissFrame" 1.1 which displays all the missing frames of your rendered image sequence in a format like this: 3, 9, 98, 112, 246, 45858. (make sure in Render Settings, a real path is set, no support for "tokens" $mm$pass) Plus another PlugIn called "CV-Frame Range" available to cineversity members only, where you can enter a frame Range in the format(e.g. 1-10, 17, 30. ...). The PlugIn would then auto-create a subset of your Render Settings with dedicated frame ranges assigned via the Take System (introduced i


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