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  1. Also not sure why its red in the view port... As for the render. I've changed various settings, but I'm not seeing the pattern. I read up on this; https://forums.creativecow.net/docs/forums/post.php?forumid=19&postid=889500&univpostid=889500&pview=t just to see how someone achieved it with a different model. And this; I understand what each does, but I'm not connecting the dots right. Also now when I add my base reflection (to get the specular reflections across the entire ships surface) it goes wrong, regardless of the blend modes, brightness etc. (I like huge specular reflections to be seen, similar to what JJ Abrams did. But I can't get it to look right along with the reflection maps) Edit: Turns out listening to the expert properly by reading what he says actually makes things work? Who'd of thought it! So how do I reduce the noise? in the inner ring? Is that simply done by increasing sample count?
  2. I inverted the glossiness using Filter, however I'm curious. Should the specular map go under specular strength or in the reflections color channel? Edit: Because having it there is yielding an even worse less practical result.
  3. Well, I've been at it for hours now, I'll allow you to take a look. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mDlYrA0s0-PoECPTNFHjmdC0nwimBelb
  4. Okay; I think my viewport was just bugged. Since the reason I posted was because I'm not amazing at reflections but I was convinced what I was doing should be doing something other than blacks with no specular. Just wondering if I can incorporate Fresnel in a way thats useful.
  5. Currently just a physical sky and single light source. Which is why I don't understand why the diffuse is causing black at pretty much all angles.
  6. I started with some videos I found on posts. However they were not what I was looking for (They mainly explained how to make solid colours) - I'm still browsing as we speak, since I get it - this is a very broad question. However I'm struggling on the terminology, without having the words, in my head it's hard to make a coherent search, right now I'm just throwing things at the search bar. But yes, am looking at the site.
  7. Hi, I'm currently trying to import a model made by a friend, however they use Redshift and 3Ds Max. I on the other hand am using Cinema4D, and have ran into an impasse. I've never used a model which was supplied with all these type of texture maps. I'm completely familiar with what they are and what they do. But I was wondering if there is a good (Free) Tutorial on how to make good use of the ones specifically for the reflectence, as right now I've yet to acquire the desired effect. Their render; Vs right now; (I've only started on the saucer) The material structure: I know how to make use of Height and Glossiness but have never used Diffuse maps, or separate reflection maps for things like roughness, glossiness and specular. I can see the potential but my little experience has yet to get me anywhere. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Was wondering how I could create a quick explosion using the PyroCluster? I can't afford plugins, so I'm hoping that I could do this using one of the particle controllers, but I've yet to reach a desired effect. I've created the desired particle, just animating and shaping it has been a tad problematic.
  9. I followed it, but applying a layer to the alpha channel makes the material not show up in the render?
  10. Using this: https://shiveringcactus.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/interstellars-black-hole-recreated-in-cinema4d/ I followed the principles they used to make a black hole but I disliked the fact they used a picture of a galaxy and prefered the galaxy Shader. But bot the Torus and Disk have too hard edges, and I can't make them soft enough, I tried using an a gradient, fall off but nothing works. Thanks :) Black Hole.c4d
  11. It's an odd one. I was gonna brighten it but the show also does it. I will definitely reveal more of the incredible model in a later render.
  12. Chris Kuhn is a very resourceful modeler. The model has some inaccuracies. And reworking the textures to match the show was difficult. Adding shuttles to the hanger bay I made into his model increased the time when logically it shouldn't, not to the extent it did but oh well.
  13. Did a quick overview and defiantly subbed! I hope to see more modelling and sculpting tutorials! Found the animated shader very interesting!!
  14. This was all done with in the physical renderer of Cinema4D. All credits to those listed in the description. Any and I mean any suggestions for improvement are welcomed. Lighting references:



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