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  1. Was wondering how I could create a quick explosion using the PyroCluster? I can't afford plugins, so I'm hoping that I could do this using one of the particle controllers, but I've yet to reach a desired effect. I've created the desired particle, just animating and shaping it has been a tad problematic.
  2. I followed it, but applying a layer to the alpha channel makes the material not show up in the render?
  3. Using this: https://shiveringcactus.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/interstellars-black-hole-recreated-in-cinema4d/ I followed the principles they used to make a black hole but I disliked the fact they used a picture of a galaxy and prefered the galaxy Shader. But bot the Torus and Disk have too hard edges, and I can't make them soft enough, I tried using an a gradient, fall off but nothing works. Thanks :) Black Hole.c4d
  4. It's an odd one. I was gonna brighten it but the show also does it. I will definitely reveal more of the incredible model in a later render.
  5. Chris Kuhn is a very resourceful modeler. The model has some inaccuracies. And reworking the textures to match the show was difficult. Adding shuttles to the hanger bay I made into his model increased the time when logically it shouldn't, not to the extent it did but oh well.
  6. Did a quick overview and defiantly subbed! I hope to see more modelling and sculpting tutorials! Found the animated shader very interesting!!
  7. This was all done with in the physical renderer of Cinema4D. All credits to those listed in the description. Any and I mean any suggestions for improvement are welcomed. Lighting references:
  8. The entire scene was made in C4D. sorry for late response.
  9. The reason I gained interest in CGI was because of the CG Trailers Ubsioft made for their Watch Dogs games, they always looked real despite being artificial, I also have a huge interest in Cities. This is a render by Antonio, in Cinema4D, but he achieves this with external renderers (or at least I assume he does) Can an image like this be achieved only in vanilla Cinema4D? This is what I would like to move onto, Sci-Fi is losing its touch now.
  10. Just curious, how should I make the neck? Would it be a separate object? This design is far more complicated that models I've previously tried replicating. I've already been able to make this, though it was my own design and I think my brain instinctively tried to avoid anything too complicated, now I'm trying to replicate something and my brain has reached an impasse:
  11. As I would suspect. However a person I know was able to obtain this visual quality in blender without any post: https://www.deviantart.com/andromeda4482/art/Enterprise-E-One-last-ride-771410514?ga_submit_new=10%3A1541459147&fbclid=IwAR0pGk7pPfk2q2iMbtKeM7LaXB5s-_DNVPfbkRd1997Rr4WHEIIxtK2jTsk (I used their background and it inspired me to make something in C4D)
  12. Have been working on recreating Saturn with no external plugins justs some edited 8k textures! However I'm wondering as to how I can create the blue atmosphere that disappears in shadow? Also, how to create the exposure effect that means the black back drop isn't actually black when this close the planet (I'm guessing this can be down w/o an external renderer and just by using the Physical camera settings?) As I'm trying to recreate the NASA CG images of Saturn (see below) Any suggestions on how I can make it resemble NASA's more would be great! Thanks :)
  13. Just trying to recreate a shuttle going through a shield. So far with experimentation, I have achieved this (Just a base for me to work off) Suggestions to get it looking, well - substantially better? I've got a plane, and the proximal shader has the cube as the object that activates the effect, and this is in the alpha channel. Then I have a glow effect. I tried using a second plane, with the same texture but inverted, and where the cube enters I removed the polygons though the effect is less than describable .
  14. I need to learn how I can optimise my models as 300k poly's isn't ideal... I will gladly submit the C4D file for constructive criticism :) - I'm also not convinced that my use of subdevision surfaces and boolean objects is correct, I'm still very bad at Cinema4D To say the least when it comes to modelling.
  15. Well, this is what I was able to do this evening, https://sketchfab.com/models/93e25e4007c243cdb2f9f7829bea4913.



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