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  1. I finally learned how to make Phaser and Shield effects using Proximal shaders and various light settings. Still learning to model, however it's taking time due to the small amount of time I can dedicate to it. Enterprise D by Alex3D (Nightfeaver)
  2. Materials broken only in render?

    The only odd looking one is this one?
  3. Materials broken only in render?

    That would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Materials broken only in render?

    I have a very limited knowledge in texturing, how do I check the UV's, and when I am checking them, what am I looking for exactly (when comparing the textures)?
  5. Here is the model, in the view port. But when I render it, the texture breaks. Any help is appreciated, i'm no where near learning how to texture. And this is a side project from my modelling and is for a school project. So thanks!
  6. So, I want to achieve effects like this; and . How would i best go about them? Should I do the phasers etc in after effects? if so how. And in cinema, should I have lights move about the scene to light objects appropriately? I've never done stuff like this. So any help is great! Thanks!
  7. Thanks to Chris Kuhn, Alex3D (NightFeaver), 3D Sci-Fi Rendering Group, Cerbera, C4D Cafe and many other people, for helping me, and inspiring me over the last few years to get to this stage. The last two images are pretty poor, and compression has ruined most of these renders, but here is the evolution of my renders: As for my most recent render; It was requested that I make it into a video, I've never done motion before, so excuse me for the poor animation. To see the majority of my renders in a high resolution, please feel free to check out my DeviantArt Page: https://andromeda4482.deviantart.com/ Once again. Thanks! - Andromeda
  8. Plane Approach at Night.

    The scene is quite simple. There is a plane with a noise texture. I've never used that plugin, will it hinder the render time massively? Thanks!
  9. Plane Approach at Night.

    Oh yes! But I would have no clue were to start with making that effect. I don't have any plugins. Would that be possible in vanilla Cinema4D.
  10. This is for my A Level Media Work in College. I've never really done realistic renders before, and would love to hear your tips, tricks or suggestions for making it better. Would be nice to know how I can stop the fuzziness. Also making it more realistic would be great. I am contemplating adding Fireworks as the entire short is set around New Years eve. I will make the text better, this is just an early edit, thanks!
  11. Render has low bit rate?

    Brilliant! Thanks! That worked.
  12. Render has low bit rate?

    There not PNG's tho. They are all these weird files;
  13. Render has low bit rate?

    I have premiere. I'll do it that way, however despite my images being set to PNG in render settings they are outputted as a "file" that can be opened in paint but nothing else?
  14. Render has low bit rate?

    So don't render as an AVI/MP4. Render as 180 different PNG files? Then combine them how? I've never done anything like that before.
  15. So I render out my scene (First image) and it looks fine. Not problems. Then, after the animation has fully rendered, it looks like the second image. It even looks fine when rendering, but once it completes the last frame it completely ruins every frame? Is this some form of compression setting? This is for a college project, so any help is really appreciated!