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  1. To close the loop on this thread, I checked my octane settings and I was already in direct lighting mode. I guess for me the "fast" render still felt slow :P I ended up giving up on octane for this project since it's an animation and waiting for long renders didn't fit into my workflow. I used the built in C4D viewport render, with transparency. I unfortunately had to turn off the shadows since my scene was underwater, and viewport shadows render the transparent water black. I am considering experimenting with u-render. The realtime workflow sound really cool.
  2. Those are both great ideas! I'll try them out.
  3. Hi, I use Octane for final renders but Hardware render for quick editing previz. Does anyone have a good workflow for quickly switching back and forth between 2 sets of materials for Standard and Octane? The Octane materials do not show transparency etc. in the Hardware render (plus I like to tweak the Hardware render materials independently). Alternatively if someone had Octane draft settings that render as fast as Hardware that would also work for me (although I suspect Octane will always be slower than Hardware). Thanks! -Andy
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