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  1. Hello, I'm currently using Cinema 4d r17 and X Particles 4. I'm trying to render an X Particles Open VDB Mesher object with Arnold. Particles and Open VDB are cached. Is there a way to render motion blur using Arnold? Any Help would be appreciated, Kristo
  2. Bezo, I will try that. Thanks for your time and your help.
  3. This is a model I received. It imports into Cinema as a single mesh but when I hit " polygon groups to objects". It seperates cleanly into seperate parts.
  4. Hello, unfortunately I can't post the file.
  5. I' m brand new to Cinema and I'm using r17. I have a file with about 45 different modeled objects formed into a circle shape. I want to take this ring of objects and unbend the shape comprised of these individual models into a straight line. I feel like this should be easy but l've tried the bend deformer, wrap deformer and spline wrap with no success. I took the original object that came into Cinema in one piece and broke it up into seperate objects then grouped them with a null and tried the deformer but even if I got them into a straight line the objects flattened out which is not what I want. I want them to maintain there shape but be deformed into the straight line instead of being aligned in a ring. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hello MaLiohammad, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I can't upload the scene. I saw what you said about something might be merging the front, caps and sides. In Fracture I turned on explode segments & connect because when I leave it set to just explode segments the bevels penetrate into the sides of the letters when it is animating and leaves a mess. I tried adjusting the phong tag angle as suggested but it did not help. As I said it renders perfect relection wise when Fracture is turned off but I lose my animation. Any other thoughts? Thanks, Kristo http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/profile/202887-maliohammad/
  7. Hello, I just started using Cinema 4d and I ran into a question that I have tried searching but have not come up with a solution. I am working on an animation that would usually use Mograph Type and a Plain Effector to animate it. The problem I'm running into is I have to use an Illustrator file because the font was modified and I'm working with outlines. I saw somewhere it recommended using the Fracture and then linking the Plain Effector through that. The Fracture enabled me to use the Plain Effector letter by letter and animated just as I wanted it to. The problem came when rendering it. The type is highly refective and the reflections came out looking like a shattered mirror on each letter. When I turn off the Fracture the type does not animate correctly but all the relections are clean. So my question is this, currently I have each letter with an extrude and bevel caps all grouped under a null. What can I use beside Fracture that will allow me to get the letter by letter animation that I can link the Plain Effector through? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Kristo