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  1. thank you so much guys, i'll make treasure of your tips and i'm tackling this with more confidence now thank you so much !!
  2. Hello everyone, I have to make a motion graphics scene about bacteria and stuff. The client would like a look like the pic i'm attaching. Can anybody please give me some tips or lead me to tutorials that can explain how to obtain that look? I'm guessing i'll need some metaball stuff with an atom array, but i'm not sure. Thanks in advance
  3. thank you so much , I'll try both of them!! thank you again ^^
  4. Hi guys, I have to work on a project that requires a sort of "peel off" effect on the floor, in order to show all the layers of a concrete floor. I'm going to attach a reference for clearer explanation. I need to animate the various layers peeling off, as I said :) Can anyone point me to some sort of tutorial or resource to grasp the workflow of this task? My researches haven't led me anywhere so far. Thank you all!!!
  5. Hi folks, I have a little question for you. I tracked a shot in AE CC 2018, and wanted to export the solved camera, ground plamne and a solid to C4D for further editing. When it-s time to export the AE comp to C4D i found i have two different options, "Cinema 4D exporter" and "MAXON Cinema 4D exporter". The latter puts everything in a Null, which is then offset half/xy comp coordinates, if that makes sense. *e.g. in a 720 p comp, the null in C4D would have 640, 360 coordinates It seems to me "MAXON Cinema 4D exporter" could be an old/legacy workflow...i don't really see the advantage in putting everything inside an offset null, while the other method seems to work just fine without that extra thing to keep in mind. Am I wrong? I-m attaching the menu voice for added clarity Have a good day everyone :)
  6. Thank you all guys!!!! You saved my day :D
  7. it's a single model with a gigantic number of selection tags, which makes the first solution not working properly...it looks like as they started from a grey mesh, and keep selecting and colorizing the parts which shares the same material. So, i have a million of selection tags, but a handful of materials.
  8. Hi everyone, here's my problem. I need to re-texture a model of an industrial crane. I was handed a single-object poly mesh, with flat color material to identify the similar parts (pistons, bars, hooks ans so on..). If you look at the attached pic, all the red parts have to be retextures as realistic painted steel, the yellow one would be black iron, and so on... My problem is i cannot find a way to select all the faces of the mesh that shares the same material, it would be a tremendous help for my workflow, but i just can't get my head around it. I attach an image of my viewport for easier understanding . thanks guys!!!
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