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  1. I want to see polygon selections made with "selections polygon tag" in random colors in viewer. But simultaneusly I need to use these "selections polygon tag" to apply materials from third party render engine. This problem become solved if "Display color" in object properties not affect to all object, if user could select "Display color random by Polygon selection tag".... I don't know if is possible add color variations by polygons selections to "Display Color" object properties. I suposse that this is the only manner to show custom geometry colors in viewport. Well maybe some kind of vertex color trick or similar... The solution must be replicable to other objects in a very simple manner. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your response. I don't have r20 yet (r19 instead). I attached an scene with a door with 3 selection tags and 3 materials assigned to each of them. I want view each selection in random colors (like you can see in scene) but without assign a material. I mean I need to assign third party materials to these selection tags but I want override the color assigned automatically by C4D by random colors. Most time C4D assign color too similars to each polygons selections due this is difficult to see what polygons selections has been made previously. Thanks! test.c4d
  3. Hello! It's possible to assign a random color to each "polygon selection tag" via xpresso? It's easy do this draggin a material to each selection tag, but is a problem when you have third party materials assigned to each polygon selection tag. It would be great "do something" to replace colors assigned automatically by c4d when you assign material (grey in almost cases when you use third party renders) by random colors. This plugin works like a charm https://aescripts.com/c4d-viewport-colors/ but only at object level. It's not possible add random colors to each "polygon selection tag".... maybe with some kind of xpresso magic... Thanks!

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