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  1. Introduction to Bodypaint

    In this Cinema 4D Tutorial I will show you how to use Bodypaint. I will go over some basics: The set up wizard, UV Edit, Brushes, Colors, Swatches, Layers and I will paint a model. To download project files: http://astronomic3d.com/c4d-scene-files/0025-introduction-to-bodypaint
  2. How to Toggle Between Open Files

    In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to toggle between open files using customization.
  3. Sculpt a Creature Head

    Thank you so much. I always cringe at the end of my tutorial and the video is over an hour long. I glad you enjoyed it and is very encouraging. -Mike
  4. Introduction to Quantize

    In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to use Quantize in Modeling.
  5. Sculpt a Creature Head

    In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to Sculpt a Creature Head. I will show the sculpting tools - Pull, Grab, Flatten, Knife, pinch, inflate and wax. Also how to use a stamp for High frequency sculpting. C4D files: http://astronomic3d.com/c4d-scene-files/0022-sculpt-a-creature-head
  6. Model a Carabiner Clip

    In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to model a carabiner clip. I will model using the Polygon pen, I will show how to use quantize in model mode. I will also use tools such as bevel, extrude, subdivision surface and snapping. C4D File: http://astronomic3d.com/c4d-scene-files/carabiner-clip-in-cinema-4d
  7. Model a Wheel and Tire

    In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will model a wheel and tire. I will work in a flat plane and build the geometry using the poly pen. Then moving on to extrude and deformers to shape the model. C4D files: http://astronomic3d.com/c4d-scene-files/0019-wheel-and-tire
  8. Model a Jet Pack

    In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to model a jet pack. I will go over some basic modeling, Subdivision Surface, Sweep Generator, Symmetry, Bevel and Extrude.
  9. Model and Sculpt a Tree Tutorial

    In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to Model and Sculpt a Tree.
  10. Model a Rocket Ship in Cinema 4D

    In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to Model a Rocket Ship. I uploaded a few Renders I made with the model. I used some HDRI lighting with the Standard Render and one using the GSG Studio Lighting.
  11. Model a Treehouse in Cinema 4D Tutorial

    This Tutorial I will show you how to model a treehouse in Cinema 4D. I will go over modeling techniques and some lighting and rendering. Cinema 4D files: http://astronomic3d.com/c4d-scene-files/0015-how-to-model-a-treehouse-in-cinema4d Media Fire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g879699fgedlbd9/0015_How_to_model_a_Treehouse_in_Cinema4D.zip
  12. Here is a robotic spine I made using step effector. One effector for the clones of the plates and one as a deformer for the spinal cord.
  13. Nail Polish Advert Design

    Great job!
  14. Here is a Tech Lake Scene tutorial. I would love some feedback if you have a chance to watch it. I know it's long and I will work on making shorter tutorials. I enjoy making these very much and I hope I help people. Thanks Mike
  15. Hi Maliohammad, I made a mistake. I should have had the Render Instances enabled. Thanks for catching that. Mike