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  1. In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to model a jet pack. I will go over some basic modeling, Subdivision Surface, Sweep Generator, Symmetry, Bevel and Extrude.
  2. In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to Model and Sculpt a Tree.
  3. In this Cinema 4D tutorial I will show you how to Model a Rocket Ship. I uploaded a few Renders I made with the model. I used some HDRI lighting with the Standard Render and one using the GSG Studio Lighting.
  4. This Tutorial I will show you how to model a treehouse in Cinema 4D. I will go over modeling techniques and some lighting and rendering. Cinema 4D files: Media Fire:
  5. Here is a robotic spine I made using step effector. One effector for the clones of the plates and one as a deformer for the spinal cord.
  6. Great job!
  7. Here is a Tech Lake Scene tutorial. I would love some feedback if you have a chance to watch it. I know it's long and I will work on making shorter tutorials. I enjoy making these very much and I hope I help people. Thanks Mike
  8. Hi Maliohammad, I made a mistake. I should have had the Render Instances enabled. Thanks for catching that. Mike
  9. I created an A.I. Character FX using Cubes, Pose Morph and MoGraph. I also made a Tutorial. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Thank you very much. That's a good point about booleans. I think the project would be better with proper modeling. I will make a point to model correctly on my next tutorial. Thanks for the feedback and the positive comments!
  11. I have always liked M. C. Escher and I became inspired by the Monument Valley game. I created some designs and made a tutorial. I would love some feedback if you have a chance. Thanks.
  12. Very good points. I definitely don't want copy what another tutorial has done. I want to start this business correctly and honestly. I am certainly not a genius or a master. I would consider myself an intermediate level 3D artist. I think I can help people that are past the beginner phase and are looking for something more "meaty". I really do enjoy helping others and learning all the time. Thank you so much for the comment.
  13. Thanks Dan, this really helps me to plan out my Training videos. There are a lot of beginner videos and I am more interested in tackling the harder stuff. As for some of your points about whole process specifically for games are a bit out of my skill set. I do have a training video for modeling, UVs and textures but it's a too basic. This so helpful and appreciate you taking the time to outline all the information you would like to see. Mike
  14. Thanks for the reply. This is very helpful for me. Yeah your right there are a lot of beginner tutorials. I will think hard about your suggestions. I like to tackle the hard stuff. Thanks!!!
  15. Thanks for the reply maliohammad. My interests are also in modeling and sculpting for film industry.