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  1. Havealot

    Constraining cloned objects to volume

    Turn your "e" into a VDB volume, erode it as needed, mesh, done :)
  2. There is an option to use a custom collision shape. You try using that. Just keep it as low poly as you can.
  3. If I understood your right this should be helpful:
  4. You could also put your asparagus under a null and feed that into the cloner instead of the asparagus itself. That should give you the same control while keeping the other clones fixed.
  5. Align to spline tag. Link the position parameter of it to the offset in the spline wrap and you'll get a synchronized movement of your box. If you want to use a parent constraint for better control of the movement I suggest you create a null and apply the align to spline tag to that instead. I've attached an example. spline_wrap objects_align2spline.c4d
  6. In R20 you should be able to pull this off without any Xpresso just by using Fields.
  7. No, that's not possible with render instances. The whole idea of render instances is that they are NOT objects of their own to save memory and computation. Therefore they cannot be fractured.
  8. Not sure what is causing this. But you could try fixing it by turning dynamics off once the bag has settled on the belt and then driving the movement by attaching it to one of the conveyor belt elements using a constraint or Xpresso.
  9. The interpolation works like this: Let's say a point is sitting at 0/0/0 at frame 0 and at 42/0/0 at frame 1. If you now go to frame 0.5 it will interpolate to 21/0/0. But doing this only makes sense if the point that is interpolated is the same in both cases (like the corner of a cube). If the topology changes each frame (as in your fluid case) there is no way to interpolate the data in a meaningfull way. The ID of a point could end up anywhere on your mesh in the next frame or not even exist anymore. So, long story short: Interpolation only works for PSR animation or point level animation with fixed point count like the ones you get from morphs or deformers.