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  1. The file suggests that Houdini Apprentice was used. As far as I know that doesn't allow Alembic export and Houdini Engine is also not an option in this case. You would need a commercial (at least Indie) license.
  2. Here is an example of one way of doing it. The HUD in the viewport exposes a user data cycle button that is mapped to the morphs through Xpresso. XP_Mouth_Control.c4d
  3. What bezo said. If you have to break the mentioned order you could try transferring the weights from before the edit to the mesh after the edit using VAMP. It's at least worth a try but don't be surprised if the weights need manual fixing.
  4. Hey Guys, Here are two examples: 1: Layer blending in layer shader (uses one material) Stack shader setup B inside a folder over shader setup A and blend with a MoGraph Color Shader (make sure it is set to Layer Mask). 2: Blending with Alpha channel (uses two materials) Assign both materials two the cloner input object. Enable Alpha channel for the material that has the right most tag in the object manager. Use a MoGraph Color Shader to drive the Alpha value. Note: For both to work you have to set the color output (in the color remapping tab) of the Field to a black to white gradient. Also the effector needs to be linked to the cloner. Both is not the case in the example file that was provided and has been changed in my examples. Color_Change_Layer_Blend.c4d Color_Change_Alpha_Blend.c4d
  5. Try asking at developers.MAXON.net. The guys there are very helpful. Awesome portfolio btw.
  6. You can use Fields to drive selections since R20. Here is an example: Selection_from_map.c4d
  7. Is your version information up to date? I'm asking because this would be much easier to do with Fields. Time field multiplied with a random field in an unclamped field list gives you random speed animation. I've attached an example for the Fields workflow. In R19 you would have to do this with weight transform. Random_Speed_Rotation.c4d
  8. As a last resort you can try caching both the sphere and the cloner with alembic.
  9. Not exactly sure when MoGraph caches are evaluated, but setting the Xpresso tag priority to generator did the trick for me.
  10. Use blend mode and Effectors / Fields to blend between two states of the cloner input: clones data_0001.c4d
  11. With the shader based approach I meant mapping the same texture onto the sphere. You could do that with a camera shader and a parallel camera, that is aligned to the plane. Alternatively you could use a flat projection and remap the sphere position to the material settings (either offset or position).
  12. Unfortunately you can't easily work with UV coordinates in Xpresso. But in our case (flat surface) this is not really required. You can remap the position vectors into texture x/y coordinates. I've attached an example. It is "hard coded" to work with an x/y plane. If you want a different orientation you would have to adjust the vector component mapping. There is a constant node on the bottom left of the Xpresso graph. Use that to load you custom texture. It will update the material bitmap shader as well. Hope it helps. pos_to_color2.zip
  13. Here is one potential way of doing it. It's using fields taking a detour via vertex colors. But you could also do it just in a shader. Or do a bitmap lookup in Xpresso. pos_to_color.c4d
  14. Make it a child of the joint that moves the head or use a constraint.
  15. Is your c4d version info up to date? With R21 you can do this with a simple Field setup in a Field Force Object. In older versions you can still achieve the effect but it requires a pretty complex Xpresso setup and has to be based on TP.

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