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  1. Diffusion 3 vray

    you actually helped alot...i figured it out after u mentioned the bitmap.....viola...thanks dan
  2. Diffusion 3 vray

    Diffusion 3materialsVraymaterials on a sphere..... im sure im all over the place...but i hope you can kinda see my problem...if not....hope you dont give up on me! ...thanks a million
  3. Diffusion 3 vray

    Good day...thanks for the reply..im using 3.4...wen i apply the texture from the diffusion materials...i render and it shows a red and blue logo type texture instead ...chrome..or wood...etc...
  4. Diffusion 3 vray

    not sure why but im having trouble loading the textures ...giving me an error....its showing the shader error color and not the actual texture...what am i doing wrong...C4DR18...please help
  5. hey bezo im new..nobody saw my post yet..wud u mind?...thank u

    1. bezo


      You must be patient, sometimes questions isn´t answered for longer time (or never).

      I'd like to answer your question, but I´m not owner no one softwares you mentioned. Did you tried ask directly on official Vray forum?

    2. iAmLuiji


      no but i will try it...many thnx!!

  6. good day to all... im new but i had to re-write this post. im desperate to know how i can set my vray up properly in c4d 16 and a good workflow from AE and Back in C4D..and also tips for keeping my objects grounded and stable....if additional info is needed please let me know...thank you in advance