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  1. Make oil fluid

    Thank you for everyone! I will try to modell it.
  2. Make oil fluid

    None, just saw videos, but they far away from this.
  3. Make oil fluid

    I want to make a high viscosity oil fluid. Not animation, just still. Like this one. I realy don't know how to make it. Seems x-particles/metaball cant do that kind of smoothing. Is there anybody who made something like that? Maybe sculpting?
  4. HDRI without shadows?

    Oh, yes, thanks :)
  5. HDRI without shadows?

    Thanks, but unfortunately it isn't so simple it seems. I attached a screenshot you can see even i unclick almost everything that could make shadow, that is is still there. Really dont know why.
  6. Hi, i want a HDRI lightning wth differrent shadows that it makes. (i want sharp edges rather than its soft ones). How can i discard its shadows and make another one with lightning? Thank you!
  7. Thank you! This is much better and simpler solution! :)
  8. Thank you Jed, and also for everybody! :) The link list is the solution, and its index input port! I attached the file how it works in my case, if someone interested. orderObjectsNextToEachOther.c4d
  9. Thank you, it looks great! ;)
  10. I thought it is a simple task, but it looks very difficult. I cant figure out how to reference each object in the object list.
  11. Hi, my problem is with the result node, that it can't display each data from all the iterations, just the last one. Like for example the Rhino's Grasshoppers panel (i attached a screenshot), which displays all the data of each iteration step. Is there any way to use a similar solution?
  12. Thank you those great tutorials, i have learned a lot from them. But unfortunately i didn1t find the answer for my question :/ Bezo, yes that is what i need to select an object by its index and get some preperties data from it. For example, i have some objects in the hierarchy, and want each one to position (x) at the previous ones position (x) + the previous ones width/2. For that i need to get the previous object and its properties. I hope it's clear.
  13. Hi, is there any way to select any item in a hierarchy defined by a choosen index? Thank you!
  14. c4dcafe files missing

    Hi, i dont know if i a write in the proper topic, but i didn't find anything else. My problem is the next. It happened a guite often that i find a topic about a problem/question where the solutions are in an attached c4d file, or a screenshot, etc. But most of the time this files are doesnt exist anymore. It is very annoying. Every comment talk about that soulution in that file, but nobody cant see it anymore. Is there anyway to keep the uploaded files in the future? it will be a big help! thank you!
  15. Evenly triangulate

    Is there any way to evenly reduce polygons (triangulate)? I would like some similar sized, prportioned polygons maintaining the reduced evenly distributed mesh. Polygon reduction tool isn't do it right - you can see the attached picture it stretch them along the form. It is ok when the reduction strength is low, but i need high reduction. All the plugins are mentioned in the past here wont work. I tried it severeal ones, but some are just simple not work. I tried to experiment.