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  1. Hi, it is a little late to answer this quiestion, but i faced to the same promblem. After a while i found that it can work perfectly, although you have to tweak the settings a lot depend on the scene. I attached some screenshot with a simple defult sphere object. You can see the main process is to find the right ratio of the scale and old range min/max values. In another sceenshot you can see the baking settings, and a render with a pure sculpt on the left and with the baked displacement map on the right.
  2. Thank you! I will try. Strange that this function isn't available within cinema.
  3. Hi, my goal is to convert an animations frames to keyframes and make thoose keyframes to a separate objects on one frame. Same effect as the multi exposure in photography. example How can i achive that? Thanks for the help!
  4. Thank you! :) So strange, i recreated the original setup in your files, and also made it again from scratch and both works. No idea what could be wrong. Anyway thanks again!
  5. Hi, i get stucked with a simple spline points iterating project. My goal is to set all the points x position to tho the index0 points x position. There is a problem that this index0 points somehow get fixed to a position and cant move to the y and z coordinates. Can someone help to find out where i failed? I attached the file. Thank you! spline_points_iteration.c4d
  6. Hi, this is a project i made with the physical render with the semi unbiased method. It took 6 hours. I Attached the settings. Maybe that settings are too high. The image size is 3000x1700 pixel. I know that this is way too slow for that kind of quality and complexity. What do you think what would be an ideal render time? Not just with the default renderer, i interested all kind of alternatives. For example what do you think how long should it takes with V-ray, Octane, Cycles, etc.? Thank you!
  7. Thank you for everyone! I will try to modell it.
  8. None, just saw videos, but they far away from this.
  9. I want to make a high viscosity oil fluid. Not animation, just still. Like this one. I realy don't know how to make it. Seems x-particles/metaball cant do that kind of smoothing. Is there anybody who made something like that? Maybe sculpting?
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