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  1. The stretch is the same with itterations at 8, and itterations at 1200. I have added extra polygons (about 15 rows) above the ribbon and used an alpha channel to hide them, a very clumsy cheap workaround but it's working
  2. Hello, I have a verticle ribbon hanging down that is connected by the top row of points via belt to a plain. When I play (without any animation) the top row of polygons stretch and bounce, is there a way to stop this happening? Attached is the set up at 0 and 11 frames, and the cloth settings, and can't seem to stop these top polygons strecthing
  3. When I export a Null to Ae everything is fine, but when I try to do it with an isometric camera in C4D the Null is no where near where it should be in Ae. Is this an issue that can't be fixed, or is there a work around? For this version I had to fake isometric by using a very very high focal length and using the correct angles, but ideally I'd like to be able to do it with an isometric cam
  4. That screen shot is definitely from the animation layout on this C4D, not sure why, but they're all wrong. I don't want to use animation as the start up cinema menu layout as the viewer is too small because of the timeline etc. I will look at customizing the menus. Thanks again
  5. I mean in this row of words, this is the startup window and it is missing the mograph heading That's amazing about the Customize Commands, very useful, but it doesn't have these (attached) headings
  6. Sorry for the very basic question, but I'm struggling to find the answer as I'm struggling to word it properly in google. But, when use C4D (studio R13) in work, only the animation layout has the mograph section along the top row, and startup only has file! How do I amend this row so I can have more options in startup? Many Thanks



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