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  1. If you add a file to the render queue, the duplicate it as many times as you need, you can then change which camera each output renders and change each output file name from the options at the bottom of the queue screen
  2. When I import prores 4444 files with an alpha channel, (using it in the luminance and alpha channels in C4D) the files have a thin black stroke around them, is there a way to get rid of this? Attached is a screen grab, the black line is particularly noticeable around the smoke clouds
  3. I have been working on a C4D file in work on a server for the past few days, I tried to open it today and it says Error: Unknown file type. Plus the file size is 0 kb Is there an auto save for C4D? Or does anyone have idea about possibly recovering the file? It was working this morning, my machine crashed, and when I restarted I got this (it's C4D r13)
  4. Wow!! Thanks so much, great idea!!! Thanks again.
  5. Hello all, Is there a way to get Planes to orient towards a specific camera in my scene, I currently have the Look At Camera Expression tag which is working fine, exceot when I'm not looking through the camera or using top view all the planes still face me. I would like to constantly look at the camera in the scene so when I am looking around I can see the way they are facing etc. Hope this makes sense xx
  6. That's perfect. Thanks so much. I'm trying to delete the other posts, not sure how. Profile now updated. The version of C4D I use changes depending on where I'm freelancing
  7. Whenever I use the cloth I get a horrible looking square texture to the creases. I have a load of polygons and am usinga cloth Nurb and the cloth tag. In this example it is just a plain dropping onto a few shapes. Is there a simple way to avoid this square look? Many Thanks
  8. I tried the same thing, couldn't get any results. In the end I hand animated it. Thanks for your help, I was also having the same issues with PLA
  9. I am trying to export a null to Ae using the usual method (exchange plug in) However the object I have the external compositing tag on has a twist and bend deformer on it so the face I need to track to in Ae is moving about, but the null is straight (so is not recognising the deformers) The deformers are animated, so if i try and merge the objects, or connect and delete the animation is lost. Does anyone know if what I want it possible?
  10. Amazing, thanks so much :) x
  11. Does anyone know how I change the default project settings, so every time I start a new project I don't have to change the fps from 30 to 25? Thanks so much
  12. Thanks very much, I'll have a play with this tomorrow :) This could well be something that I could work with. Thanks again x
  13. Maybe try giving it a file name first?
  14. I'm new to this site, and was recommended by a colleague. The scene I'm working on is quite complex, but in theory I need the Spline effector to transition clones from a large circle spline, to a smaller circle spline, but instead of them all moving at the same time, I would like them to start from one, then the next, then the next, and so on clockwise (like a step effector) Is this possible? BTW, the smaller circle is a handrawn spline, but both have the same number of points (clones are distributed via Vertex) Many Thanks for your help