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  1. Amazing, thanks so much for the prompt reply
  2. You don't have a UVW tag assigned to the object, and your leaves are projected as flat. If you set the length to 0.01 on the U and V you'll start to see the issue. he model is really really small too.
  3. I have been looking through the 3D Objects Vol1 and Vol2 in the content browser and have seen quite a few models that I could use on a project that I'm working on. Does anyone know if these are ok to use in commercial projects? Not that it's important, but is specifically the presents and ribbon models.
  4. @bezo and @Cerbera, thanks so much!!! That's amazing! I'm not sure how, but generators was unchecked under filter. I never even knew that existed, but certainly won't forget it. Really appreciate it guys, thanks again. Hopefully this will help someone else in the future
  5. @Bezo, I'm not sure what that means? I'm having the same issue in a brand new project now, if I create a cube in a completely new/empty scene it is invisible unless I make it editable. It can't be because of the that scene. I am on the month version of C4D21 by the way, it expires in 7 days
  6. This helps. It's objects that have something done to them (cloth, cloner, bend, boole etc) that are vanishing. Strange that it still shows fine in R20 though. With a lot of the Booles I have them animating up to reveal objects, so I would have to keep these as Booles, I'll sort whatever I can My specs are 2019 iMac Processor 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 Graphics card: Radeon Pro 575X 4 GB
  7. I have a scene in C4D R21, it's not massively heavy, but there is a fair bit going on. I animated some objetcs in a separate project, then copied them in, and all of a sudden half of my scene doesn't show up in the viewport. The objects that are missing are completely random too, parts of nested comps, random booles, clones etc. I restarted C4D and my Mac and they're still missing, if I render they show up fine (including the interactive render region) Also, if I open the project in the R20 demo it works fine, in the viewport and render. I've attached the viewport in R20 and R21. As I say, the scene isn't particularly heavy (15mb), and is working fine in the R20 demo. It's now impossible to animate, as I can't see half my scene
  8. I have projects in R21, and have installed the exchange plugin from the MAXON R21 folder into my Ae CC19 folder. When I export an .aec file from R21 it doesn't open in after effects, it doesn't do anything. I have the R20 demo installed from when I was waiting for R21, and exporting from R20 works fine, and as expected. The demo is going to expire in 16 days, so I won't be able to export project files after that. Has anyone else come across this?
  9. Done a bit of research, it seems the answer might be (and almost definitely is) fields. These are new to me, so I guess I'll have to learn them
  10. Hi, I'm on C4D 21 in work at a new place, the last place was on r17, so it's a bit of difference. The weighting on the random effector seems to have changed, and I just can't get it to work. In Principal, all I want to to, is have a plain effector with linear fall off animate across a line of cubes, so the all move in the y axis, but I don't want them to animate in sequence, so am trying to add a random effector and change the weight. But I can't get it to have an effect (I can see the weighting red to yellow is working, but it's doing nothing to the positions) Thanks
  11. If I export a specular pass (I'm sure this is the same for a lot of passes) How do I render out a pass that doesn't have the specular, so I can comp it on in post? Is this the RGBA pass? If so, why is it when I import this pass into Ae, It comes out much darker than the standard render, is there a setting I need to know about to make the colours import correctly? I hope this makes sense, and thanks for the help
  12. The stretch is the same with itterations at 8, and itterations at 1200. I have added extra polygons (about 15 rows) above the ribbon and used an alpha channel to hide them, a very clumsy cheap workaround but it's working
  13. Hello, I have a verticle ribbon hanging down that is connected by the top row of points via belt to a plain. When I play (without any animation) the top row of polygons stretch and bounce, is there a way to stop this happening? Attached is the set up at 0 and 11 frames, and the cloth settings, and can't seem to stop these top polygons strecthing
  14. When I export a Null to Ae everything is fine, but when I try to do it with an isometric camera in C4D the Null is no where near where it should be in Ae. Is this an issue that can't be fixed, or is there a work around? For this version I had to fake isometric by using a very very high focal length and using the correct angles, but ideally I'd like to be able to do it with an isometric cam

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