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  1. Animation in motion tracked scene

    Ok, no problem, thanks for your response. Hopefully someone will have those answers.
  2. Animation in motion tracked scene

    Thanks for the quick response. Ok, manual key-framing it is then. Just a couple of questions with regards to that, is there a way to 'smooth out' keyframes or is it just a case of adding more between each? Also is it possible to bring up a 'zoom' view of the 3d model in relation to the background footage without moving the camera? I really need to zoom in to pixel level to align the model to the footage but I'm struggling to figure out how to do that. Thanks again
  3. Hi Guys, Noob question here, I'll outline what I'm trying to do and how I propose to solve it but I'd really appreciate any suggestions if there is an easier way to tackle it. I have some video footage which features a moving object through a scene, the movement is fairly linear and there isn't much of a perspective shift. I have tracked this footage and anything 3D I now place into the scene appears to be tracking well and the perspective looks spot on. I would now like to have the 3D model accurately follow along with the moving object which is visible in the footage. Almost as if it is stuck to it. So far the only way I can think to do this is by lining up the model and then key-framing it's position throughout the video. Is there a better approach? Thanks in advance!
  4. Arrow Animation Advice

    Ignore that last question @visionlux The solution was to simply make the falloff spline larger. Thanks again, very much appreciated!
  5. Arrow Animation Advice

    I think you've nailed it, @Visionlux This does exactly what I am looking for, my only issue now is containing the falloff to be within that spline, as you can see the arrows are appearing again a little further outside of the spline, see attached. Any ideas how to avoid this?
  6. Arrow Animation Advice

    I managed to do it by throwing the cloner and an extruded shape into a Boole which is set to 'A intersect B', this works perfectly but ideally I need to feather the outer edges of the shape. Does anyone know how to do this? I appreciate what I'm asking might be impossible here. I have family in Nashville, small world!
  7. Arrow Animation Advice

    I managed to rectify the issue I was having with the tracked camera so please disregard the previous question. Is it possible to mask the clones with a custom shape at all or would this have to be done in some compositing software? I would like to achieve the attached (a very crude mockup) but I'm not sure this is something I can do in Cinema, any thoughts would be much appreciated @HSrdelic
  8. Arrow Animation Advice

    Wow, thank you so much @HSrdelic That is absolutely spot on, I learnt so much from deconstructing it and even managed to build it again from scratch. The issue I now have is dropping this into my existing scene. I have tracked some footage and have a Solved Camera, this appears to be working great. If I drop an object into the scene, a cube for example, then it sits in place and doesn't appear to slip at all. Do you know how I can place this arrow animation into the scene while respecting the tracked camera? It appears to ignore it when I simply paste it in, I also noticed that if I create a new spline in the scene this also ignores my tracking. Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks again
  9. Arrow Animation Advice

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advice on how to best tackle this animation using C4D. An example of what I am trying to achieve can be seen here I would like to create the group of multiple arrows following a path which fade in/out and almost 'float' in the wind. I stumbled upon a few tutorials on how to create a single arrow and make it follow a spline but as I am a total beginner in Cinema I'm not sure this is the best method for re-creating the above. Thanks in advance for your help
  10. Best practice for first model

    @CerberaI completely agree, I'm not looking for quick fixes or shortcuts, just the correct way of execution. I know exactly how you feel and I have the same thoughts towards my retouching work, especially when it comes to employing a non destructive workflow and maintaining a well structured PSD, even if the end result was identical, a mistake somewhere during the process may never be seen by anyone else but I'd know it was there! I will persist with trying to figure out the rectangle to quad/triangle transition!
  11. Best practice for first model

    @Cerbera Ah, I'm with you, that makes total sense now. I was just concerned I was missing something with that tool! Thanks for clearing that up, I shall stick with sub-d! After watching the first couple of videos in that playlist you recommended I can see why this may cause an issue now. And if you're not already sick to death of answering my barrage of questions, do you mind if I ask if you can share a little more info as to how you extruded the triangle made of quads from the starting point of the rectangle on the left. I can do this comfortably now thanks to your examples when starting with a 3 sided disc, but I can't get my head around transitioning into this shape when extruding from a rectangle. Maybe I should have paid more attention in my high school maths lessons!
  12. Best practice for first model

    @Cerbera Sorry, I probably wasn't very clear. In the attached example on the left I ctrl+clicked the edge using the move tool and a new polygon slides out with its dimensions 'fixed' if you will. When I do the same with the polygon pen (example on the right) the new extrusion is 'loose' and I have to be very careful to keep it square. @3DKiwi Got it! Is there any advantage over to putting the model into a subdivision surface over say just bevelling the corner point and increasing the subdivisions (as shown in the second attached example). Again, just trying to understand best practice here.
  13. Best practice for first model

    @Cerbera Thanks for clarifying! I'll give it a go with the Polygon Pen. I noticed you can ctrl click edges with this tool without have to switch modes, but is there a way to do this proportionately, i.e. the same as if you were to ctl click an edge with the move tool?
  14. Best practice for first model

    Thanks, this seems like the quickest way to get even cuts on each edge. Am I right in thinking that these cuts or to 'sharpen' up the corners when the object is dropped into a subdivision surface?
  15. Best practice for first model

    @Cerbera Nice! Can I ask how you started this model? Was it from the first triangle you demonstrated or did you start with a plane? Trying to work out how you transitioned from modelling one triangle to another within the same object is hurting my brain!