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  1. Asking $2200 USD and you have to be in North America as per MAXON representative I emailed. You will also need to pay $300 transfer fee. PM if you are interested and I will provide the first 11 digits of serial number so you can verify with MAXON.
  2. Definitely great high quality video. Looks like they had a successful kickstarter for this project!
  3. From personal experience, I learn faster and better from well designed paid courses than free youtube content although there is definitely high quality free material on youtube.
  4. Great resources! I especially love the blue fox channel with their short to the point videos. Looking for some responses from people who bought paid courses. The frustrating thing is there are no public reviews for these courses. Google didn't help much in this case...
  5. Hi folks, I am looking for some professional Redshift training and was wondering what you guys recommend. I am looking for a comprehensive course with intermediate and advanced topics in it as well (besides normal beginner stuff). So far I have come across these: Learn Redshift for Cinema 4D by  Rich Nosworthy (Vol1/2) Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to Redshift Ultimate Redshift course by lfodesign Would love to hear any experience people had with these courses or any other course you found useful. Cheers, Numan
  6. Cinema 4d r20 studio for $2500 USD. As per MAXON, the buyer needs to be in US/Canada region for the sale to be approved. Send me a message here or email me at numi.numa88@gmail.com
  7. I am selling my permanent license for R20 studio for $2800 USD. I will provide first 11 digits of serial number so you can verify with MAXON. Serious inquiries only please. Thanks!
  8. Updated pricing so you can buy rhino and cinema 4d license separately at $300 each.
  9. I have one Rhino and one Cinema 4d license for sale for $300 each. If you buy them combined I can sell to you for $550. Nextlimit is selling these licenses for $795 each so you are saving over 62%. If you are interested message me here or email me directly at numi.numa88@gmail.com Thanks! Numan
  10. Hi, I am selling my 3dcoat license for $150. If you are interested send me message here or email me at numi.numa88@gmail.com Version: 4.8 (latest) License type: Professional Thanks, Numan
  11. Thank you Wilfried! That seems to resolve the issue on R20. Wish MAXON US support had told me this over the email. Unfortunately I couldn't report this issue via crash reporter because technically the machine wouldn't crash but the viewport would slow down drastically. And it is definitely a timing issue because it happened randomly.
  12. Anybody else having viewport issues with Nvidia driver (390 series) and R20? Basically my viewport lags like crazy on R20 with the 390 series drivers. I had to downgrade to 380 series to get rid of the issue. This sucks because I can't use the latest Redshift version 2.6. I contacted MAXON tech support but they are kinda opaque saying they are working with Nvidia to resolve the issue. It seems MAXON doesn't have a public issue tracker so I have no idea how many people are facing this issue or if there are any updates. How does MAXON tracks bugs? Is it all over email? This is the first time I have had a issue with C4D stability and I was always impressed by how stable the software is and now that I am forced to downgrade to R19 I am having a bad taste in my mouth...



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