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  1. Actually, I just found out something... I have a dual monitor set up, and it occurs to me that if I boot my c4d up and it opens on my 1st monitor (GPU 1), the viewport works fine, but when it opens up on 2nd monitor (GPU 2), it greyed out, and the viewport strangely turns back to normal when I drag it back to my 1st monitor... so, what I do now is to save my user layout, and make sure it is on my 1st monitor and then save all together as my startup layout, and it works fine now... I guess it is something to do with c4d uses only 1 GPU for viewport OpenGL in duel GPU setting and it cause some hassle ..? again, not an expert, correct me if I am wrong. Anyways, thank you for the help, Cerbera, I appreciate it :) Have a good one!
  2. you mean deleting the whole folder?
  3. Not much of an expert on this.. but I guess yes? Don't know if it would help but here is some info: I have install two 1080 ti, and it works perfectly with OpenGL in the viewport even with a heavy scene, it just this booting up hassle bugging me like hell
  4. No, I haven't. Just exploring options before I do that.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I am confirmed that it is not a problem relating to the filter settings, which I have ticked all the options within the filter already. By "blank," I mean the viewport greyed out and is noninteractive, I can still, for instance, add an cube to the scene, which it does pop up in the object manager, but I just cannot negvigate anything in the viewport – not until I switch to any other layout ( it occurs to me no matter what is the startup layout, it viewport after booting up is got to be blank)
  6. Thank you for your reply. Just updated the GPU drivers but it doesn't seem to be the fix.
  7. Hello everyone, It occurs to me that my viewport stays blank and grey-out every time I boot my C4D What I do is to switch from default layout like "animate," and switch it back to whatever layout I need (that I saved myself). but I am tired of doing so. Tried turning off OpenGL in preference setting, it did work but may I ask if there is any other solution? Also, is it only going to affect the display qualities by turning that off? like speed.. and anti-aliasing..? thank you.



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