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  1. Mouse Rig Not working properly

    thanks for the details, appreciate it.
  2. Mouse Rig Not working properly

    so i have to adjust weight for all the joints manually, it will not do automatically correct?
  3. Mouse Rig Not working properly

    i have go through all the stages, but it is deforming from the wrong places as well.
  4. Hello i made a rig for mouse in cinema 4d, but is it not working properly, can some identify the issue with Rig. file ink is here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=191_vcQdIsH_8Z_vDXiqHodDDvP9CXci1
  5. Mineral Reign texture Library

    hello great work. can you explain the process from the beginning to end how to make these texture, like what angel of the camera you use to take the picture, and then convert it to channels?
  6. Hi can you show the method how you create the Elevation model from CSV file in C4D?
  7. DEM from xyz coordinates

    Thanks for your information.
  8. DEM from xyz coordinates

    Dear Cerbera that was just a test, but it want to find a way to get the elevation model from from xyz point cloud data.
  9. DEM from xyz coordinates

    hello how we can create Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from xyz coordinate file? without any plugin DEM xyz text file is enclosed? DEM XYZ.txt
  10. Atom Array with fall Off

    i just want to achieve through atom array, as we move along the surface, thing will connect randomly with each other, what is the other way to achieve that effect?
  11. Atom Array with fall Off

    Hi how can we make atom array with fall off?
  12. Knitting on T Shirt

    I did it via cloner, but it was not properly scalling on the polygons, but later on i am able to achieve it. thanks a lot, appreciate you.
  13. Knitting on T Shirt

    Yes that is my file.
  14. Knitting on T Shirt

    Hi How can i create the Knitting on a T Shirt. I have uploaded the T shirt and Knitting pattern in the file, i have tried many ways but it is not aligning properly on the surface Knitting shirt.c4d
  15. Hi i want to apply formula effector on organic shape like sphere, or any other kind of shape, and make it like waves, file is enclosed. Formula Effector.c4d