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  1. HI All, I was hoping someone can help me, please. I have few very dense 3d scanned objects. I would like to decimate these objects making them less dense. In other words, the objects are triangles, I would like to make them into quads. Apart from using Polygon reduction and untriangulate within c4d what other options, plugins are good to use. Any help and advice would be very appreciated.
  2. HI There, You answered a post about soft body while ago.


    this was the question:

    I've been playing with this type of thing on and off for a while and never had much luck. I need to learn more regarding soft body dynamics, etc.

    Trying to tighten an object around another to make it look like the inner object is constricted by the outer as it tightens or the inner object inflates and the outer holds in place causing the inner to bodge slightly through the gaps. Kinda like a hot air ballon. I could do it manually with sculpting and point morph but would like to set it up with dynamics if possible?

    Would probably work with a collision deformer although not had much luck with that either.


    Can you help please





    Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 09.35.34.png

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