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  1. Photo-realism? Can a noob handle it?

    Cool ! I'm on it. I looked up some haze tutorials on youtube, they all looked terrible. Should I insist on creating a realistic haze effect in C4D when I can create haze in AE? My next mission is to build a small bridge, hope I'll handle it. I followed the beginner tutorials you linked me the other day, they were great. Watched all 7 episodes.
  2. Photo-realism? Can a noob handle it?

    You're literally the best forum mod I've ever bumped into! Thanks for the useful links, gonna look into it now. (edit : thought these were links. I'm just gonna google these names, lol). I'm already getting excited! Just one question... My plane is reflected by the dark-pink plane beneath it. Is this the right way to do create a "Reflective object"? Should I place a plane beneath the plane with a photo of the buildings, so they reflect the plane? And of course put a compositing tag and uncheck "seen by camera" ?
  3. Photo-realism? Can a noob handle it?

    Holy mother of 3D models !!!!!!!! SIICK! Appreciate the time you took to review my scene and give advice! 1. EXACTLY ! So does that mean I should place a light on top of the airplane, and another light beneath it, at about 40% ? Otherwise it will appear 100% black. 2. Well, I am currently using GI, it dramatically improved my lighting. Should I place a plane with luminance (as GI) on top of the airplane so it absorbs some light? 3. Agreed, but no idea how to create a fog, I'll look it up on youtube as soon as I'm done with locating the lights properly :) Btw, I find that an ambient occlusion does not work for objects that aren't close to the ground. Will placing a plane (composited to - NOT seen by camera) help release AO? 4. I'm not sure about the reflection thing. I mean, is it not gonna make the airplane look 'newish' and shiny as it's been waxed? LOL. Or do you mean, like... 'absorb' some colors from the buildings (dark red, light orangy, etc..)? 5. I don't want anything in the sky other than the plane. I don't have a clear answer as to why I used the "Sky" object, I thought it'd be the rightest thing to do since it's an airplane in the sky. But clearly, I'm not getting the hang of it yet. 6. A bit above the buildings' top. 7. Real world scene scale? =============== EDIT =============== HOLYYYYYYYY SHHHH!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOK Looks so much better, still not the best, I know, but damn! Look at this baby!!! I think I'm getting into this, man! ============================================================= I'm not really sure how "reflection" picks up the colors of the reflective objects. Plane looks "reddish", is it because the buildings or because I placed a dark-pink plane right beneath it? The plane has a compositing tag "X - Seen by camera", so I'm not sure the airplane reflects the dark-pink plane, since it is not seen by camera. ======= EDIT ======= Yeah, it picked the colors of the dark-pink plane I placed right beneath it.
  4. Here's the plane I'm struggling to light : It looks horrendous (!) I can barely handle a cube, let alone an airplane or lighting a scene, jesus. I'm still so close-minded about moving into 3D, it's gonna take some time, be gentle with your advice as it is probably gonna appear like Chinese to me.
  5. Is it worth investing in a VFX school?

    Dang. That's true, it is the most useful skill. But "accepting the limitations of not being able to model" equals to becoming a jobless in 2+ years. I'm serious, many people asked me to model 3D stuff past year. Btw, how do I get the airplane to look more realistic? I mean, the lights look horrendous.
  6. Feeling discouraged about the industry

    The hell are you talking about? I live in Israel, it's a country in no-where, literally a sh*t hole and people slowly move into 3D, it's becoming popular as heck. Unfortunately, I'm just an after-effects expert, I can do pretty much anything in AE, but lately people been asking me to do some 3D work and I know nothing about 3D. I barely handle a cube, let alone a boat or a person.
  7. Is it worth investing in a VFX school?

    That is true, however, I find that more and more editors turn to 3D modeling. More and more people are into 3D, that's the absolute future. I'm not that into 3D modeling, but I "feel" it'd be useful if I did learn it. I don't get excited modeling objects, and it takes a tremendous amount of time to model a single object (depends on the object). People spend months and months to build a spaceship / face / whatever... Does that even worth the time? Any ideas \ tips \ tricks on how to make the plane look more scene-matched? I messed with the lights for like half an hour and couldn't get this right.
  8. Is it worth investing in a VFX school?

    Lately I've been thinking, what'd happen if I learn 3D arts? Am I only gonna do 3D stuff? My passion is compositing, making visual effects, create the impossible, e.g. explosions, fire, earthquakes, ghosts, horror stuff, gun shots, blood, car chase, action fights, etc... I'm not sure I'd like to sit in an office and ONLY model objects. Is there a job out there that combines them both? A bit of 3D and a bit of compositing? Or am I gonna have to survive on my own and run my own production company? I'm getting a bit lost in there. I have a sense that compositors are not gonna be as needed as 3D artists in 2+ years. I don't want to be jobless either, it's time to make a decision.
  9. Is it worth investing in a VFX school?

    True, it does take a lot of time, dedication and focus to become good at something, no doubts. Is there anything else school has advantage of over self-learners other than connection-making? The hardest part, for me at least, is to find people in the same field who are willing to dedicate their time to create projects. It seems like youtubers have an easy time creating short films, like Film Riot, Red Giant and Video copilot. I really wish I had similar people to work with. Well, like you said, it depends on what I wanna do and I'm still unsure where I'm standing when it comes to 3D. I don't even know whether I like it or not. I don't think I'd wanna be only a 3D artist. The reason I want to start learning C4D is to kick my projects up a notch, not because the only thing I wanna do is 3D. I wanna learn to composite it. That's what I'm mainly focusing on, compositing, that's where my skills come into action. But nowadays it seems that the industry is full of compositors and companies/studios only look for great 3D artists. I can't imagine myself working in an office on specific objects without compositing them into real scenes. What should I do, man? @Cerbera Is C4D even enough if you want to apply as a 3D artists? Or do you need to know bunch of other softwares? Because many studios work with Maya, 3dsmax and bunch of other softwares. I'm just wondering, what happens when someone becomes a master in C4D and wants to apply to a studio where they don't work with C4D? It limits the search spectrum, right? Hey man!! siiick tutorials :) Watched 2 of them yesterday, gonna watch the rest today and throughout my upcoming weeks. I really appreciate it, your work is amazing and more people should know about it.
  10. Is it worth investing in a VFX school?

    Whoa, man. Glad to see you're still around :) I remember you helped me years ago with some of my projects. Well, that's good news I can pull it off on my own. I've thought about it for years now, but I got no excuses now ;) Gonna watch the video you sent along with the others attached to it. Do you also think it is possible to learn to composite 3D models into real footages? Most of the compositing tutorials on youtube are quite cheap. Can I come up with something like that? The 3D effects are SICK TO THE BONE! How did they get the lighting of the claws so right? And how did they motion track this? Through AE or the 3D software itself? It looks too accurate to be an effect.
  11. I'm still a C4D beginner, though I've been using it for a couple years now. I'm a visual artist for films and commercials, I mainly use After Effects. I sometimes use C4D and buy models off the internet, but I know nothing about modeling, texturing, animating or lighting up a scene. Is it worth investing in a VFX school where they teach students 3D? Or is it pointless and can be learned by oneself? 3D is the future, the industry rate is growing unbelievably fast and is thirsty for young 3D artists. After Effects is old-school now.
  12. No Simulation Tag ?!?!?

    @Cerbera sup? :D
  13. No Simulation Tag ?!?!?

    Just added it. It sure does drains the energy and the chair pieces feel "heavier", but even when they barely move, they crazily rotate themselves.
  14. No Simulation Tag ?!?!?

    OK SO! I have a chair and a wall, right? I want to throw the chair at the wall (keyframing it to hit the wall), but I want the chair to break when it touches the wall. So far, when my chair hits the wall, it literally moves the wall, lol. == EDIT == Holy christ! I did it! This is so cool !!!!!! The chair breaks as it hits the wall, jesus!!! But now there's a different problem. The chair's pieces fly tremendously further away than they should be, and even when they fall on the ground, they keep moving a bit for like 20+ seconds. I tried to decrease the collision bounce but it doesn't seem to solve the problem.