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  1. That worked almost perfectly, on my model the thinner tip of the valve still manages to penetrate the CAM surface - unsure if there’s anything further I can do to alleviate this, luckily most of the shots don’t go too close to make it out. Dean
  2. Many thanks for that, just went through it. The original engine model was purchased with broken Xpresso, so looks like the best way is to fix it with this route. Hopefully, one Cam shaft can affect more than one pair of valves. I’m off to see if I can get it working. Dean
  3. I have an engine that will run at variable speed (slow at first, speeding up). I am trying to work out a way of having the valves dynamically pushed down by the cam rotation and spring back up (always touching the cam) as they are moved by the rotating cam. Worst case, I hand keyframe the 8 pairs of valves - which I prefer not to do if the client wants to change the engine speed - again. Signal plugin won’t fit this purpose as the change in speed. (Initially had the engine running at one speed so used Signal to repeat a Y axis move per x frames on the valve pairs). I am presently trying to utilise Springs and Connectors, however, the slide connector seems to wobble around as if connected to the spring, so the valve pairs wobble off the Y-axis. also, the initial state of the spring collapses down so the valve is not touching the cam. So is it me not setting it up correctly. Is it beyond the bounds of the spring/connector, and should I try another route? Dean Valve_Wobble.c4d.zip

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