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  1. I managed to do it with sweeps after all and UVs are automatically aligned perfectly so I think it's faster with sweeps.
  2. But that still doesn't solve my UV problem :/
  3. Hi, I'm having problems with creating a modular road. Curved road, to be exact. I can create curved road from a plane, using bevel, but then I have UV problems. If I create curved road with sweep, UVs are okay but then I have polygons issues. Can soneone help? Thanks!
  4. You can try Smooth mode in brush settings, I think it should not affect edges like that
  5. You can move with Pull as far as I know but not with smooth. On the pull settings, scroll to the bottom and choose direction Y.
  6. Go to Point mode, take Loop Selection - > check Select Boundary Loop (select outer points of the landscape) Then, press U-I to invert selection and sculpt without affecting outer edges/points.
  7. This is the plugin you're lookin for. Selection Suppletives
  8. I had problems with roads on terrains too, but I'm glad you achieved the result you were after.
  9. I think they're using their own engine for making roads and terrains like you described. In Cinema, I would follow this tutorial (It's for Maya, but you can apply the same technique. Basically, you make a road on the terrain and cut out the parts on the terrain where is the road and then you connect ROAD and Terrain, and then "bridge" polygons of the terrain and the road. Watch the tutorial here Hope that makes sense.
  10. Hi there, I managed to it by using PoseMorph, exported as .fbx to Unity and works great. Thank you!
  11. Hi guys, I'm stuck with a rigging a car tire. It should work like this: I don't know how to approach this. That kind of rigging is needed for a Unity game. I asked on their forum, is there any way to script this, but they said that the easiest way would be "Rigging and Skinning". Also, they said something about "Blendshapes" but I have no knowledge about this. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  12. It's solved. It works properly in the newest version of Unity.
  13. Hello there, I ran into a problem. I rigged suspension spring and weighted vertices so everything works fine in Cinema, also it should work everywhere. But, when I import it to the Unity, it doesn't work like that at all. I'm not sure what is the problem but I think fbx export is messing with my smooth "weights". It looks "rigid" in Unity: Can someone confirm it's a fbx export issue or am I doing something wrong? Thank you.
  14. I know of him. I almost switched to max because of him and his tutorials but I just can't stand max's interface. But yeah, max is the best for making game assets (highpoly to lowpoly) but I like Cinemas interface and I'll stick to it even if it's not made for making game assets.



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