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    Users that have contacted our technical support about crashes have been given access to the latest beta build. The time for an update depends on fixes in the Cycles core (which is not under our control) along with the Cycles 4D plugin itself. We will be announcing the next update shortly.

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  3. Cycles for C4D

    Sorry to read you are having problems. If you contact our support we can help you to find why, generally issues are related to drivers, but if you are having those same problems with CPU rendering please contact us and we'll try and help.
  4. Cycles for C4D

    The core engine is identical, take a look at the settings between Cycles in Blender and Cycles 4D, possibly some are different. If you are still finding it slow jump over to our forum and we can help you find why: http://forum.cycles4d.net/ Thanks.
  5. Black Friday Sales

    We have a special code for forum users - cfblack16 If anyone wants to take advantage of 30% OFF** X-Particles, please do SALE TIME - 30% OFF** all X-Particles products, just quote cfblack16 at the checkout New X-Particles License Was £450 Now £315 (approx $392 USD*) Upgrade from 2.5 to 3.5 Was £150 Now £105 (approx $131 USD*) Locked to Unlocked Was £60 Now £42 (approx $52 USD*) All prices shown in GBP ex-VAT *Price in $ is approximate due to fluctuation in the exchange rate and currency conversion fees. ** Offer limited to maximum purchase of 3, valid until Nov 28th 2016 http://vimeo.com/192904651 Buy now - visit http://insydium.uk/product/x-particles/
  6. Cycles for C4D

    Cycles 4D Demo Out Now! Try before you buy - Your FREE 30 Day Demo of Cycles 4D is now available to download at http://insydium.uk/try-cycles-4d/ Don't forget to visit our Free Online Video Manual page http://video.cycles4d.net/ and Downloads page http://insydium.uk/downloads/ you'll be up and running in no time!
  7. (Plugin) Cycles 4D Release Date 15th November

    Cycles 4D is Available to Buy - If you are an X-Particles 3.5 user and would like 15% OFF Cycles 4D please enter the discount code “xp15” and your X-Particles 3.5 serial number at the checkout. Our New Cycles 4D Render Engine Bridge - £185 ex VAT ships with; Full X-Particles Support, TFD Support, CUDA 8 compatibility. 12 Months FREE Support & Upgrades. INSYDIUM’s FREE Extensive Video Manual & Comprehensive Written Manual. Access to FREE Cycles Blender Tutorials. Plus Buy before Jan 2017 and receive 250 FREE Materials worth £30 ex VAT Go to the Downloads Section of our website, Mike & Mario have provided some Scene Files from the Cycles 4D Reel – FREE for you to download. The Demo is coming soon, in the meantime, you can find out more information from our new website http://www.insydium.uk thanks
  8. (Plugin) Cycles 4D Release Date 15th November

    The good news is, Cycles 4D is now available to buy. We have no immediate plans to alter the pricing structure, X-Particles 3.5 Users need to enter a discount code of 'xp15' and the X-Particles serial number at checkout to receive the 15 % discount off Cycles 4D. Another positive, Cycles tutorials are relevant to Cycles 4D Users, we also have a video library of our own - mike has created some great tutorials for Cycles 4D. When the Blender Foundation release updates, these will be implemented into Cycles 4D but not instantly, the team will need time to implement any changes. Take a look at this article http://insydium.uk/cycles-4d-release-date-15th-november/ it goes into details about benefits, FAQ's Pricing etc. And finally yes a demo will be available, we are just working on it at the moment, I understand the need to try before you buy. Hope this helps thanks
  9. Hi, we'd like to share our new Reel for Cycles 4D and to confirm the release date of 15th Nov; Cycles 4D is INSYDIUM's New dedicated bridge Plugin allowing Cinema 4D users access to Cycles rendering engine direct inside Cinema 4D. If you're interested we've got more information about pricing, render nodes, support, X-Particles integration etc on our website http://3.x-particles.com/cycles-4d-release-confirmation-november-2016/ Thanks for your time.