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  1. No smoke was done in post in Photoshop. Because it's not gonna be animated.
  2. This little gnome couldn't stand hearing that smurf song one more time and just lost it... Sculpting in Zbrush. All base meshes, compositing and rendering in Cinema4D.
  3. Difficult to say... of and on about two months in my spare time... maybe twenty hours? Learned a lot...
  4. Www.studiodereus.nl https://www.behance.net/Schizo910
  5. Ofcourse! I'd be honoured!
  6. In 2004 I made a gigposter for a band with an illustration of a guy battling a demon with a fire extinguisher. Now, 12 years later, I took that concept and did a 3D version of it. Zbrush, Cinema4D and Photoshop. Sculpting and character textures done in Zbrush. Some remeshing, basemeshes, scenery lighting and rendering in C4D. Compositing in Photoshop. Hope you like it.
  7. Thanks a lot! Also thanks for the notes, about the elemnt 3D part; you are right! I had ran into the most problems on that one. As for the walk, yeah, I would've tackled that one completely different now. I started this thing as a study case, and it took me about a year in my spare time. Of and on... thanks again!
  8. Character & Music Video. Just finished up a Music Video for a song I wrote and recorded a while back. The character is probably the first character I completely finished in Zbrush. Remeshing, rigging and animation was done in Cinema 4D.