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  1. Creating a wave on a bottle

    Thanks guys, I think i have it now below.. I just need to model this into a bottle design and give it a wall thickness :) wave test new.c4d
  2. Creating a wave on a bottle

    here's the model wave test new.c4d
  3. Creating a wave on a bottle

    This is what I've got guys, but can't seem to stitch the 3 waves together, Do i only need to select the relevant polygon points, re the ones that will actually touch? thanks
  4. Creating a wave on a bottle

    Hi Guys, so I've done the split and moved down, but it's still not looking right? I made my original wave by moving the polygons inwards and adding a bevel to get a nice round edge for the SDS. Can anyone see where I'm going wrong with this? Should i avoid using bevel for the main wave? I can't seem to delete the model after the split. thanks adam
  5. Creating a wave on a bottle

    ok guys, thanks so much for your help, I will try both methods :)
  6. Creating a wave on a bottle

    Hi guys, thanks for your feedback.. I'm actually really stuck here, firstly i'm using prime so no cloner tool.. Only the array tool. secondly, what half of the object do i delete Mjohnny? the most likely way to do it for me would be to simply copy the wave and move it down.. but cinema doesn't do things simply does it? if you guys could explain what you mean a bit more that would be great?.. I'm not sure how i can apply array tool to the wave? i tried it and it just cloned the whole object not the actual wave which is the part I need, to repeat down the cylinder. many thanks anyway
  7. Hi guys, I'm trying to create a wave on a bottle.. i've managed to create one wave, how do i create or copy a second so it appears underneath the first? I had a tutorial posted for this while ago, but the bevel option doesn't seem to be working as i need the wave to go inwards not out. any help would be great thanks wave test 1.c4d
  8. Rendering a whiskey glass

    ok cool, I downloaded my version from MAXON so hopefully theres a digital manual.. I certainly hope so :)
  9. Rendering a whiskey glass

    ok great thanks CBR I'll try that.. Just another question, a silly one, what does optimise do? think i'm missing that.. is that a command you select? cheers
  10. Rendering a whiskey glass

    normally it selects everything you pull a square selection box around..
  11. Rendering a whiskey glass

    Hi, Here's a screen grab,...so it's selected all relevant points but missed the back ones as you can see in my view port.. is this right or do i need to manually go in and select the points? thanks
  12. Rendering a whiskey glass

    ok, yes i think I'll stick with C4D for now.. Problem is with Prime though, is it misses some of the full versions functions.. like when I've created a shape and want to use the cloth tool to give it an inner wall, there isn't a cloth tool in Prime, so I have to try and think of ways around this. I had a go at doing the glass yesterday, how do you select the points? I made editable then got the grid on my shape, but when i tried to select the points it wouldn't.. do i need to uncheck something? normally when i use the section tool it will select all relevant points, front and back.. also attached is my glass render.. It's much better than the first, but still a way to go yet.. cheers again anyway :)
  13. Rendering a whiskey glass

    oh wow, yes i need to get to grips with modelling.. Sounds like you know what you're talking about.. i've been doing a lot of POS design lately, so lots of straight edges.. :) i just worry when someone asks me to do something organic.. I sometimes wonder whether i'd be better to buy rhino to model in then render in cinema.. But then saying that, cinema is a bit more free and not so mathematical.. I've used solid works previously but it's quite engineering heavy.. I've used cinema for quite a few paid jobs now, but would really like to crack the modelling side of it :) thanks again anyway, what line of work are you in? assuming visual effects?
  14. Rendering a whiskey glass

    cool brilliant thanks, I knew i was going wrong somewhere.. So if you were to model this shape would you just start with a cube and make it editable?.. I've looked at some GSG modelling tutorials but still a long way to go before i get my head around modelling :) thanks again
  15. Hi guys, I'm trying to render this whiskey glass, but I'm having some weird reflections going on here.. Are my lights correct or is it the way i've constructed the model perhaps? Also it's taking half hour to render.. I've built it using lofts, but have some weird reflections at the base. any help would be great thanks glass v4.c4d