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  1. rendering glass part 2

    ok cool, thanks.. just one more thing.. I'm trying to apply a graphic logo to my product rendered above. but how do i get rid of the white background? i basically just want the logo.. i know how to apply it, just want rid of the background. thanks
  2. rendering glass part 2

    ok cool that's great...yeah there seems to be some plug-ins missing.. I've realised that the array tool in prime does the same as clone in the full version.. or similar anyway.. i just need to get into some more complex model building now.. does the camera make the render look better by any chance, or is that for animation projects?
  3. rendering glass part 2

    Thanks guys, this video really helped.. thanks CBR for posting this.. I've attached a screen shot of my latest render.. cheers
  4. rendering glass part 2

    thanks! I'm slowly getting there.. i've opened a file above called (example) altered on the full version and i'm missing a few plug ins.. can i get these from anywhere? Also can you tell me what the camera tool does? I watched a GSG tutorial yesterday and those guys are great, but I'd love to know how they actually set up the environments.. I'm suddenly realising you can put these hdri images anywhere .. my glass is almost there i think.. thanks again cheers
  5. rendering glass part 2

    Hi CBR, what did you mean by AA? thanks for your help cheers
  6. rendering glass part 2

    hI guys, thanks for the feedback.. Unfortunately i'm running Prime so getting a message to say i'm missing several plugins.. re the example file.. Dan. I sometimes wonder why MAXON actually bother to sell Prime if it can't do the same job as a full version? CBR what do you mean AA? can you be more specific? thanks and much appreciated cheers
  7. Hi Guys, So I've been working on this design.. I've added fresnel to the glass, and put anti alias setting to best. it's made quite a big difference to my earlier render i discussed. Any feedback would be great.. I still think the main body needs more work and maybe the glass, but I've still a lot to learn.. also any idea how i can get rid of the horizon line so it doesn't show on the render? Thanks in advance cheers shisha pipe v3.c4d
  8. rendering a product

    Thanks Ninjad, I work as a product designer and have been for the last 15 years..I don't know many product designers that use C4D so maybe that tells you something.. ;) I'm used to solid works and mathematically realistic set up software.. C4D whilst it achieves amazing effects, does sometimes do things the very long way round.. perhaps MAXON should design their interface better or have a plugin for more technically minded projects.. maybe a product plug in?.. and be a bit more intuitive.. I hear colleagues moaning from time to time about how complicated the set up is.. The best way to learn sometimes is to have someone sat beside you that knows it inside out.. These tutorials i find online seem sometimes difficult to replicate.. anyway rant over :) I'll persevere with it for now cheers again!
  9. rendering a product

    Thanks for the Feedback guys.. much appreciated Ninjad, I've not long been using C4d, yes my glass is a mess that's why I'm posting here.. and asking questions!!! :) Also i'm running prime so not privileged to have a full version as yet. I've noticed that things are laid out differently as i've used the full version and prime.. so have seen quite a big difference. A lot of the videos i've watched make it look very easy, glass seems really tricky.. one video shows a guy just dropping glass onto a model and it looks great, but i bet it took him a while to set up the scene the object was in. I shall take on board the comments.. thanks again
  10. rendering a product

    hi guys, i've added a few screen shots of the model, but i still think the glass isn't right.. Im also getting a black dot at the base of the glass.. any ideas on what i need to add to get better definition, like the black reflections you get around the glass edges? any further advice would be great.. ps that's the hdri image in the background obviously, but if i turn it off the background goes black. thanks
  11. rendering a product

    that's great thanks guys.. I'm slowly getting my head around this.. I've done a few paid projects now.. but have been lucky not to be working in glass :) I'd like to be able to render a high res spirit bottle eventually thanks again anyway
  12. Hi Guys, I've built and tried to render this product.. I have ambient inclusion and GI selected.. but it's taking forever to render.. any tips would be great? Have i got too many lights? or is the model too big in terms of height? I would also like to get a reflection of the HDRI image on the product.. how do i achieve this? Also the bottom part is glass, but i can't seem to get the ideal effect i want. any advice would be great.. file is attached thanks shisha pipe v2.c4d
  13. correct perspective view

    great thanks for the advice
  14. Hi, I've accidentally typed the wrong key. how do i change the distorted perspective to my jar? It looks too exaggerated. i changed the setting in the render set up to A4 and it changes the perspective. Any ideas how i can change this and keep it high res? thanks square jar pack.c4d
  15. adding an environment to an object

    ok great thanks for this info.. very useful.. so what type of image would be good to use? a landscape or something abstract like I've already got? thanks