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  1. Hi Guys, I'm building this model, but it's taken ages to get the top part wave to accurately meet up with the handle base part.. Is there a more accurate way to do this? i've been trying to alter the anchor arms but it doesn't come out as i want it to.. is there a better way to control the anchors or make them mirror the opposite side? any advice would be great.. you'll see where I'm talking about as when you zoom in there's a gap on the neck wave. many thanks R3v1.c4d
  2. splitting an object into materials

    great thanks, the visual you attached makes it much more clear.. I'll see how i get on cheers
  3. splitting an object into materials

    Thought i'd attach this so you can see how i built it.. Just wondered what other ways there are to create this shape? flosser v2.c4d
  4. splitting an object into materials

    ok great, thanks i'll look into it.. can i separate the loft by using the cut tool? I've basically created the overall shape.. then i want to make a glass base, add a button and grip detail. thanks adam
  5. Hi, I've built this object using lofts and horizontal elliptical splines to create the shape. How do i then separate each material, like in the visual attached?. (amended in photoshop) The brown visual is what i'd like to split into separate materials. any help would be great. thanks
  6. rendering glass part 2

    oh i see.. thanks I will try that way cheers
  7. rendering glass part 2

    Hi, thanks for the above feedback.. I've attached the model and the graphic, i've created the alpha image and applied it to the Alpha option.. But i can't seem to resize the logo, and it disappears when I select cylindrical.. how do i reduce the logo size correctly and how do i stop the image disappearing? only shows up when I select UV mapping. any help would be great... I've attached both the C4D file and the logo, incase it's not linked thanks shisha v1.c4d
  8. rendering glass part 2

    ok great thanks
  9. rendering glass part 2

    ok great thanks, I'm also trying to build a spline for my product, I've attached a screen grab. i can't seem to get the tube at the side smooth.. it's a sweep tool.. i can increase the segments on most objects but the sweep doesn't let me for some reason?.. any help would be great thanks
  10. rendering glass part 2

    ok great, yes i have photoshop.. thanks for the help! cheers
  11. rendering glass part 2

    ok cool, thanks.. just one more thing.. I'm trying to apply a graphic logo to my product rendered above. but how do i get rid of the white background? i basically just want the logo.. i know how to apply it, just want rid of the background. thanks
  12. rendering glass part 2

    ok cool that's great...yeah there seems to be some plug-ins missing.. I've realised that the array tool in prime does the same as clone in the full version.. or similar anyway.. i just need to get into some more complex model building now.. does the camera make the render look better by any chance, or is that for animation projects?
  13. rendering glass part 2

    Thanks guys, this video really helped.. thanks CBR for posting this.. I've attached a screen shot of my latest render.. cheers
  14. rendering glass part 2

    thanks! I'm slowly getting there.. i've opened a file above called (example) altered on the full version and i'm missing a few plug ins.. can i get these from anywhere? Also can you tell me what the camera tool does? I watched a GSG tutorial yesterday and those guys are great, but I'd love to know how they actually set up the environments.. I'm suddenly realising you can put these hdri images anywhere .. my glass is almost there i think.. thanks again cheers
  15. rendering glass part 2

    Hi CBR, what did you mean by AA? thanks for your help cheers