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  1. ok great will do, i actually built the background editing a floor plain then putting into hypernurbs.. Your deformer version looks much better though :) thanks again for your help.. cheers
  2. great, thanks for the tutorial.. just watched it, you make it look easy.. That's interesting you're using an area light in that way.. very helpful.. I'm hoping i have all these settings in Prime :) thanks again
  3. Editing Line Work from Illustrator

    ok guys, again thanks for your help.. I would do this from scratch from poly modelling, but the leaf cut outs aren't symmetrical therefore if i used the boole, it would create an odd shape.. I've built a shelving unit before in C4D and it was straight forward as all shapes and cuts where geometric. Ideally I'd just fold this from a flat net and that would be it. I may try the extrude option first then add cuts. I'll also look at the fold my design plug in.. cheers
  4. thats great thanks.. there was a really cool one floating around with test tubes, but i can't find it anywhere? thanks again
  5. Editing Line Work from Illustrator

    this is what i'm trying to attempt. Not sure this is the right way yet?.. I saw a tutorial for a box being done once and they brought the splines in from illustrator, and folded the corners. i've added extrude function, but it's all over the place.. Is it best to use the extrude tool first then bend or fold into the square shape after? line work v3.c4d
  6. Editing Line Work from Illustrator

    yes, i wanted to create a whole extruded piece, flat, but the two middle vertical lines have been difficult to edit.. maybe i could leave them out and create the points at the top an bottom to get the corner folds in C4D?
  7. Editing Line Work from Illustrator

    how did you connect everything and bring all the splines as one? was it the spline mask tool?
  8. Editing Line Work from Illustrator

    thanks for those files.. i just basically want a flat piece with holes, so i can bend the corners and make into a tall box.. I thought it would be straight forward creating the lines in illustrator.... it should be easier than this i hope? :)
  9. Editing Line Work from Illustrator

    ok great, i managed to get the lines to this below, but i just need a solid flat piece with the leaves as cut out holes. i'll look at your files now.. thanks again line work v2.c4d
  10. Editing Line Work from Illustrator

    Hi, I've attached the file below.. Ideally i need the leaf shapes as holes with no splines going through them. If i delete each spline it removes the whole spline shape.. Ideally i'd like to delete certain points, but it doesn't delete the line like i need. I've tried splitting the splines. not sure what the best way is to do this? thanks, :) line work.c4d
  11. Hi, I've imported these lines from adobe illustrator, but i can't seem to delete the black lines within my leaf shapes? any ideas how i do this?.. I've tried using the cut tool but it still won't delete the lines. The idea is to fold all the corners and extrude the shape to create a pos unit. any help would be great, thanks
  12. hi guys, i'm trying to render a coloured beer bottle, can anyone point me in the right direction here? i did have a post on here with a really good tutorial for this but can't seem to find it? I assume i just need to add brown in the material editor? Only it's not coming out as i'd imagined. anyway any help would be great? thanks bottle v1.c4d
  13. oh ok cool, might be my firewall on my mac... thanks
  14. that website link MJohnny, doesn't show many options, just stays on one image when you click through the options.. is it supposed to do that?