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  1. cool great thanks, sounds like it's the samples i need to address cheers
  2. Hi Deck, i tried area lights and they don't seem to give me the strip of illumination i want? Is there any way i can control were the light comes from exactly? I've placed 4 area lights underneath the bar, but when rendered, the lights appear as spot lights.
  3. thanks, Deck, will give that a try
  4. Hi guys, I want to light underneath the bar on this model. I've got a strip at present with glow selected, but nothing seems to illuminate when I render this? Am i using the correct tool or should i just put some spot lights underneath?.. I would like a strip effect ideally like you get under most bar visuals any advice would be great thanks test_v2.c4d
  5. adamjm

    Reflection Issues

    Thanks CBR, the dots unfortunately are what i don't want.. It's a GSG plug in i bought, so all the lights are from that. Just trying to get my head around this.. I like the black gloss but want to remove the spots. thanks.. I'll look into it
  6. Hi guys, I'm rendering this product and there seems to be too many highlights on the glossy areas of the product.. Any tips how i can get rid of this? and also make the render more photorealistic? Thanks Brush_test.c4d
  7. thanks CBR that's great... I'll give that a go :)
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to model different cuts this time.. you can see where I want the slot at the top of the bag... but when I put my model into hypernurbs it goes all over the place.. Am i building this the wrong way? any advice would be great.. do i need hyper nurbs on it? thanks bag 2.c4d
  9. ok great, thanks, I will look into it.. it may take me a while.. but now i know where to start :-)
  10. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me where i start when modelling diamond facets onto a surface? Is there a quick way to do this.. A friend has built these in solid works but had to literally create each seperate facet.. Im thinking does C4D have a tool which can repeat a pattern onto a surface? Any help will be great.. thanks product sample.c4d
  11. Hi CBR, here's what I'm trying to achieve, but i can't understand how you started to build your version? I'm starting with a cube then adding a chamfer on one edge, then copying the edge inwards, but my geometry is all over the shop.. Can you explain a bit more if possible how you created your panel you attached? cheers table test.c4d
  12. yes, I've been using this program for almost two years now.. so much to learn though.. I mostly visualise hard surface products. Still find glass tricky.. Especially if i have to make a complex whiskey bottle.. :) thanks again though guys

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