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  1. Connecting Geometry

    thanks slowly but surely :)
  2. Connecting Geometry

    thanks CBR.. I'll take this onboard.. here's what i'm trying to do now, I solved the part you referenced above.. how can i make this smooth attached model?.., do i need to start again and have less segments? thanks scraper v4.c4d
  3. Connecting Geometry

    Hi guys, I've worked as a product designer for the last 15 years, and have used rhino and solid works, although solidworks doesn't give as much freedom as C4D, it's much more intuitive and accurate, with regard to the technical stuff. A lot of my colleagues use keyshot also and swear by it.. Guess that's the different between designing animations and real life products. I just get frustrated with how complicated some of the commands or models can be in C4D sometimes.. as for 'connect objects and delete', I've selected my model and found the command, but it doesn't have the option to select it.. I don't know if i need to expand object first for the command to be highlighted? also this website is great by the way.. :) I'll try the help system also in the program.. if it wasn't for this website, I don't think i would've modelled what i have done cheers again guys
  4. Connecting Geometry

    Hi guys, having no luck at all with this object.. I have prime version. I really don't know who designs this C4D program, but the intuitive side of it is terrible... awful. They need to sit down and simplify everything.. rant over :) anyway, i can't find 'connect objects and delete' anywhere, could someone give me a screen grab of where i can find the right command? thanks
  5. Connecting Geometry

    brilliant, thanks so much guys
  6. Hi guys, I'm trying to create a nice bevelled loop here, but when i make editable, it splits the front and back surfaces.. Any idea how i can join all surfaces to make as one? thanks scraper 7.c4d
  7. Sweep Tool

    thanks CBR that's great.. think I'll try it again from scratch. cheers
  8. Sweep Tool

    Hi guys, so I'm in the process of building this model. When i drop into sds, the point at the top front goes all weird. Any idea how i can sort out my geometry? Ideally i need to loop select so i get a nice chamfer on the top front face, when I drop back into sds. The other model has too many sections in to edit. any tips would be great? thanks sweep test v4.c4d
  9. Sweep Tool

    thanks guys this is great, it seems as soon as i master one thing there's always another waiting around the corner.. I'll use the knife tool to cut into my model. hopefully this will give me the freedom to then adapt the shape.. :)
  10. Sweep Tool

    Thanks guys, yes sometimes seeing a video makes all the difference as i can actually see the process better.. I was looking at the axis, i understand this CBR, but couldn't see where i was going wrong exactly.. thanks again though for all your help guys.. i now have to cut into the model making it editable.. that should be fun and games.. My skill set is mostly photoshop but would like to be able to do these visuals all in C4D at some point. :) cheers
  11. Sweep Tool

    thanks, the video was crystal clear.. this is what i wanted.. all done... now i can finally complete the model hopefully :) sweep test v3.c4d
  12. Sweep Tool

    That's fantastic.. thanks for your help guys.. I've tried it again still having some issues but your video is much clearer :) i'm running prime version but that shouldn't make a difference should it? I'll have another go thanks again.. video is so much clearer
  13. Sweep Tool

    Hi Guys, thanks for the feedback, so I keep turning off parallel movement and it's all over the place, if you say it's working for you CBR, then why is it not working for me when i turn parallel movement off !!?? I copied your file CBR and no progress unfortunately.... I literally looked at all your settings, where you had the section, spline and so on.. so bare with me on this because i know C4d can be a bit weird sometimes, as I've realised with some different tasks.. it can be a bit backward. I'll try and resolve this but not having much luck on here
  14. Sweep Tool

    Hi All, second attempt at this and i'm still not getting how this is achieved? i've gone through my file and really can't figure out how to get this sweep the same thickness all the way through. have i got this set up in the wrong plane or a box unchecked? again any help would be great.. thanks sweep test.c4d
  15. Using Sweep Tool

    Thanks for this, I will take a look at your file.. I will keep learning anyway :) cheers again