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  1. I've centred it and its not scaling unfortunately.. The axis is right in the centre of the model.. Should the model be moved to the start axis of the C4D window?
  2. ok great thanks, thought it might be something like that.. cheers
  3. Hi all, I never normally have issues with something so simple, but when i scale the bigger pen down, it goes all over the place? Normally everything when grouped scales down correctly.. can anyone advise? thanks pen_test.c4d.zip
  4. Ps can you direct me to the right setting in render editor? thanks
  5. Hi, I'm a bit lost, so normally when i go into sub d editor that's where i change the jagged edge, wherabouts is render field on the screen layout? I use two booles because i have 2 separate top and bottom parts of the device.. middle one... I need these to have the same hole
  6. ok great thanks, can you do a screen grab of where render field is? think i know, but not 100 percent sure?
  7. ok great, thanks also do you know why I'm getting jagged edges on this render...pic and file attached.. my sub d surface is on 5, so not sure why its getting jagged edges when i render? thanks for your help Sonic device 3.c4d
  8. ok thanks that's great.. Did you just push the inner surface inwards to create that hole?
  9. Hi all, I need some advice with modelling a hole on an object so i can put a screen in it and some nice rads, at the moment i'm using a boole.. I've tried to make this without a boole but i'm finding it difficult.. any advice on how to do this the best way would be great.. thanks Sonic device 3.c4d
  10. Hi guys, I'm trying to connect these two halves into one form. I've tried stitch and sew, but it doesn't line up the geometry correctly. can anyone advise on this? They're not complicated shapes, they're both the same. thanks TBR3 testc4d.c4d
  11. hi guys, I've just downloaded light kit pro 2, however i cannot find it in C4D?.. does this go into plugins? can't se it anywhere and it says it's installed in my C4D library in my finder menu on mac any help would be great thanks
  12. ok great, yes just more photo realistic renders I'm after
  13. ok great thanks, can you tell me what the camera adds to the scene? can this make the render higher quality too?
  14. thanks guys, maybe I'll try using GI also.. something i don't use much but maybe this will make the object more realistic :)



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