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  1. Hi guys, here's a silly question, I've just pressed a keyboard short cut, hit the wrong key, and now i can't see my layers? any idea what I've pressed and how i can get them back again? I can still see my model in my view port cheers
  2. Thanks CBR, that’s great.. and yes I’d be interested to sort out some Skype sessions for sure.. thanks again for the above.. I will check this out tomorrow when back home.. I think I’ve gone wrong previously by choosing the wrong polygons to model in to start with.. thanks again
  3. Thanks, I’m actually thinking C4D May be better for me as a visualisation tool and buying something like Rhino.. or Fusion.. these are great for 3D modelling for what I need... there’s very few designers in my industry that use cinema to build a model.. most use it to render or use key shot..
  4. Ps I think I probably benefit from face to face lessons if I’m honest... I sat between to guys who used it 2 years ago.. and I learnt loads in the space of a week.. just by asking them.. anyway I’ll keep plugging away
  5. Hey CBR, I just struggle with it so there’s no cheats here, I work in a 3D industry where I make real objects for manufacture. And cinema let’s me create quick shapes.. it’s just this method C4D uses could be made more simple... that’s all.. simple poly modelling you say..really? sorry but it’s not, unless you’ve been using C4D for 20 years.. I’ve put time in to learn this, but I guess I’m used to more mathematically correct 3D cad programs.. I appreciate I have a lot to learn still.. but it’s just getting used to using these tools. I solve one problem then create another.. anyway appreciate the feedback as always Many thanks
  6. Thanks for the feedback Lol, I would like to add solidworks is very effective for doing what I mentioned above, it’s not a Boole tool you would use, but just simple extrudes into a surface, with no complex topology to worry about. Job done. it’s just twice as much to buy.. hence why I bought C4D prime.. anyway yes I looked at a tutorial today.. I will try and find a few more. Thanks :)
  7. Hi guys, I'm trying to model recesses into this tray, but unfortunately I've had to use the boole tool which makes the file size huge when i want to do a couple of holes. I basically want the trays like iPhone packaging, so it's a recess in a piece of plastic essentially.. which holds a product.. I've tried to use cuts and have had this problem before on other projects. I'm not sure if C4D is good for this type of modelling?.. as it shouldn't be a difficult thing to do.. but MAXON seem to make it complicated.. In Solidworks for example, I can simply draw the shape i want on a model face and extrude it inwards to create the hole.. it couldn't be more simple.. Does anyone know how i can create a spline shape on a surface to create a hole, without using the cut tool? any advice would be great thanks packaging tray.c4d
  8. cool great thanks, sounds like it's the samples i need to address cheers
  9. Hi Deck, i tried area lights and they don't seem to give me the strip of illumination i want? Is there any way i can control were the light comes from exactly? I've placed 4 area lights underneath the bar, but when rendered, the lights appear as spot lights.
  10. thanks, Deck, will give that a try
  11. Hi guys, I want to light underneath the bar on this model. I've got a strip at present with glow selected, but nothing seems to illuminate when I render this? Am i using the correct tool or should i just put some spot lights underneath?.. I would like a strip effect ideally like you get under most bar visuals any advice would be great thanks test_v2.c4d
  12. adamjm

    Reflection Issues

    Thanks CBR, the dots unfortunately are what i don't want.. It's a GSG plug in i bought, so all the lights are from that. Just trying to get my head around this.. I like the black gloss but want to remove the spots. thanks.. I'll look into it
  13. Hi guys, I'm rendering this product and there seems to be too many highlights on the glossy areas of the product.. Any tips how i can get rid of this? and also make the render more photorealistic? Thanks Brush_test.c4d
  14. thanks CBR that's great... I'll give that a go :)
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