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  1. ps do you know the best way to get a debossed pattern onto one of the handles? what tool is best for this?
  2. Thanks for the feedback and help... I actually achieved it now, by simply deleting the place where i wanted the hole, then duplicated the nurb lines downwards to get the hole itself. then dropped it back into hypernurbs.. actually didn't need the boole tool in the end.. thanks again
  3. Hi Guys, I'm trying to model a cut out like what i've got in the background model. I built the model at the front in a different way, so it's not been easy to cut a hole without using the boole tool. I've tried adding cuts, but it won't make them as one piece. Ideally I'd like to create a cut, then move the nurbs down to create my hole.. But it can't because it's different geometry to the model in the foreground. any help would be great. thanks NEW brush base.c4d
  4. adamjm

    modelling a toothbrush

    thanks, that seems like a good way forward.. do you know what the best merge tool is once i've made them? i think i could end up with 50 layers or more.. so merging as 1 would help with render time no doubt? thanks
  5. Hi guys, any idea or whats the best way or tool to model toothbrush bristles? i've tried the cylinder, but they look very static, or rigid. Also any ideas how i can group them and merge them together so that it doesn't take ages to render? any help or advice would be great? thanks R2 toothbrush.c4d
  6. adamjm

    issues with boole tool

    thats great, thanks... I managed to delete it.. do you know how i can make 2 or 3 objects into 1 object? I'm not sure what command does this? any help would be great thanks
  7. Hi guys, I created this model, then added a boole, and everytime i open the file i can't see the model.. I just get the apple beach ball spinning.. Think I've asked c4d to do too much.. does anyone know how to get around this? I'm trying to delete the layers that are taking up memory but can't because of the apple beachball icon. any help would be great? thanks R2 toothbrush.c4d
  8. adamjm

    modelling in nurbs issue

    great thanks all sorted now
  9. Hey guys, I'm modelling this toothbrush and i've accidentally pressed a keyboard button, and it's turned my side view into cubes? Any ideas how i undo this?.. in the other view ports it appears normal. any help would be great? I've attached a screen grab and the actual file.. thanks R2 toothbrush.c4d
  10. adamjm

    clay rendering

    thanks for this Dan, trying to get up to speed with it I'll check out your links :)
  11. adamjm

    clay rendering

    Thanks Dan that's great.. I work in product and packaging design so just trying to find the best solution to get a nice visual.. I don't have keyshot myself but have friends that use and swear by it.. What's PBR mean? thanks again
  12. adamjm

    clay rendering

    ps would global illumination make a difference?
  13. adamjm

    clay rendering

    Hi guys, I'm trying to understand clay rendering.. but some of the tutorials i've looked at are either not informative enough, or are too complicated to follow.. I've attached my desired image below.. It seems that keyshot is the only renderer that can achieve this look very well.. i've yet to see a C4D visual like it? C4D is great don't get me wrong, but there's a nice simplicity about the below visual which i'm trying to get but am struggling to.. any help or advice would be great.. I posted this before but didn't get the answers i was looking for? any tips on lighting, making the object look more realistic would be great?. I'm well aware of the fresnel tools and ambient occlusion.. thanks
  14. adamjm

    reducing render time

    yes i thought that... mmm i may need a more in-depth answer than that, as i've only been using this program for just over a year thanks again though, i will post in a new topic
  15. adamjm

    reducing render time

    thanks for the knowledge guys.. appreciated also do any of you know some really good tutorials of how to get a clay looking render? The one i've looked at isn't so good. I've attached an image of the render style i'd like to create, but i've yet to see a C4D render that is as good as this? thanks