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  1. esegabbo

    Material not smooth on extruded object

    Hi, Dan, thanks for the help. Here it is, had to delete the rest of the building because the file was too big to upload, soy I just left the problematic area. Thanks! MODELADO AYTO-SORIA-vc4dcafe.c4d
  2. Hi, I am applying a material onto an extruded object from a spline path (arcs of a building), and am getting weird results when I render it with a light. Any idea what I am missing? Here are two pics. Thanks a lot!
  3. esegabbo

    Video playback blinking

    OK, I figured it out... I converted my video file in mov to image sequence. Thanks Westbam, and yes on the viewport. Best!
  4. Hello everybody! I am having a problem with a video I am using loaded as texture onto a plane. When I playback the video it starts "blinking", image appears and goes blank and re-appears. Any ideas what I am missing? Thanks a lot! g.
  5. esegabbo

    Place video on plane w/o deformation

    great, thanks!
  6. Hi, simple question: I want to place video on a plane through a material, but I want my plane to be exactly the same proportions/size as my video/material. How do I do it in order not to deform the video? Thanks a lot!
  7. esegabbo

    Realflow - Extrude-based Container Error

    Got it! Turns out I clicked something and it worked... that something was Particle Distribution in the Fill Emitter, default is Fill Volume, and you change it to Particle Layer. Solved =) Thanks
  8. esegabbo

    Realflow - Extrude-based Container Error

    Thanks Cerbera! Unfortunately it did not work., but I am sure your recommendation is part of the solution, just makes sense! Don´t know what I am missing, my first time using realflow
  9. Hello, I am using realflow plugin for c4d and want to create a container filled with water (using the fill emitter in realflow). Nonetheless, the container is a very specific shape and have shaped it using a spline path and then extrude. When I assign the fill emitter to the extruded spline object, the particles (water) do not work or activate- They do activate in a normal primitive, but not in my spline/extruded shape. How can I make it work in my specific shape? Recommendations? Thanks!
  10. Ive been playing around with this new plugin called topoformer and want to randomly colorize the extruded segments of plane. I tried with multishader but did not work since it only colorized whole blocks of the plane, not the individual extruded segments. Any ideas how I can achieve this? Please see image of my setup. I also tried a random effector, activated the color mode, yet I cannot control de material. I want to add reflective qualities among others. Thanks!
  11. esegabbo

    Render-safe in Front View & Material Dif

    Thanks jed, cerbera and decarlo ! And no, I was not rendering using orthographic... just learned a new word/concept ; ) best!
  12. esegabbo

    Render-safe in Front View & Material Dif

    This worked! Great thanks a lot Jed ! =)
  13. esegabbo

    Render-safe in Front View & Material Dif

    Hi thanks for your answer, maybe I didn´t explain myself with sufficient detail. 1) For my purposes I render with the frontal camera. I use the the render safe, title safe etc. as a guide that must coincide with an image (semi transparent) I place in the back. I used to have the render safe area darker, as well as the title safe visible in the front view (not only on the perspective view), bit now they are greyed out. Thanks!
  14. Hi everybody, have two questions. 1) Quick question, my render safe. title safe and action safe are greyed out in my front viewport configuration. How do I activate them? 2) I have some objects with reflectance and an HDRI sky, when I render in front view the objects do not reflect or shine light, rather are flat and dull. But when I render the same scene in perspective view I can see the reflections of the sky. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  15. esegabbo

    Intersecting colors

    thats right ABMotion =), yet it still is one way to go, although the objective is as color "paint mixes" =)