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  1. If anybody is having a similar problem I found a solution for balloon text not deflating correctly. It turns out that the geometry sometimes overlaps in certain letters (e, m for example). One must reduce the fillet caps radius in the MoText in order to have it correctly deflate. The downside of this is that the "balloon look" is compromised, for it will look too straight. =( If anybody has another solution, please inform =) Best!
  2. lights not visible in front view render

    Fixed! Thanks a ton! Fixed! Thanks a ton!
  3. lights not visible in front view render

    Thanks a lot for your time! Learning a lot from you and others! Best!
  4. lights not visible in front view render

    Ok, sorry for that, here it is. I removed the building and left only the lights. The colored lights can be seen in the perspective render, not in the frontal. Although I can place a camera, as you suggest, I still want to solve the issue for future reference. Thanks for your time! FILM STRIP SORIA-1 copy.c4d
  5. Hi again, I am having trouble with the interior lights of a composition. The lights inside the building do apear in the perspective view render view, but not in the front view render (which is the one I am trying to output). Why aren´t they active or visible in the front view? Thanks! g.
  6. Here is my file. I changed the planes shape to static mesh but same result. Thanks for the help! Balloon Mexico.c4d
  7. Hi everybody, I am having trouble with soft body tag, I am trying to deflate a balloon like text. The problem I am encountering is that when I press play the text starts to "deflate" and fall, but all of a sudden it starts growing and morphing to the sides and never falls down. Here are two images of my setup, there you can see my settings for the soft body tag. I am following this tutorial Thanks a lot for your help!

    Oh my! Thanks a ton for your time and help! Will follow instructions and try!

    Ok, got it! Yes I am using r18 (will update my profile). Here are the images, 1) rocks from columns have some sides white. 2) My settings for voronoi. Thanks a lot! g.
  10. Hi everybody, I am having trouble crumbling a building with Voronoi Fracture: once it starts to crumble the textures of the rocks have white sides in it. Any idea what is causing this? I have the colorize fragments deactivated and optimize and close holes activated. Thanks! g.
  11. Ref Image Yellow Panel Background

    Ok, thanks!
  12. Ref Image Yellow Panel Background

    Please explain or give detail how to solve. As I said, it had never happened before. Thanks
  13. Hi, I uploaded an image into the front panel as a reference, and I keep getting this yellowish background. It has never happened before and can´t even modify the transparency of the image. Any ideas? I am running r17 .
  14. Hi everyone, I was working on the keyframes of a various nitroblast objects and all of a sudden at frame 0 the objects are disconfugured. Anybody know a fix so I dont have to start the whole process again? I am trying to use the FIX tab but it is taking a loooot of time! =( What about cache? Any ideas? Thanks!