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  1. Oh! Thank you so much! Youve been so kind and patient, definietly have learned a lot! Best!
  2. Did not work =( Becomes completely white.
  3. I think Ive got the vertex map down correctly, but not the material ! =0 Here is a photo of the corrections so far... When I add the material, since I dont know exactly how to manipulate the foam , I can´t tell if it is too much or that my material is not created properly. Here the new link to what I corrected. Gracias!!
  4. Hi thank you once again for this great help. I am not very fluent in C4D so please bear with me! Instruction 1:" You are using the same vertex map in both slots. These need to be separate maps, and have unique names, anything other than 'vertex map'. Ideally you will need to name the JMinus map 'Jminus', and the other one 'Foam'." This is what I did > a) Changed the name of Vertex Map to Jminus b) Duplicated the Jminus and renamed it Foam Map (???) I am lost here. Instruction 2/3: This is what I did > a) New material, named it foam, activate only luminance. b) In luminance created Texture > Vertex Map > double click the white cube > selected the vertex map for foam "Foam Map" and dragged into the vertex map shader. 3- "Lastly, drag that material onto the plane, and make sure its icon appears to the right of both vertex map icons that will exist once you solve the first problem." This is what I did > a) Dragged the material into the plane > Only appears on the right of one vertex map. The image of the plane becomes complety white> No image visible when rendered. One again thanks for your time. Really appreciate! The tutorial I followed was this, but with different plugin version.
  5. No problem! Thanks a ton!
  6. Hi Cerbera! Thanks for you reply! Ill paste the link here if it is ok. Thanks!
  7. Anyone out there?
  8. Hello, couldn´t get foam on the render. Not sure why. Any ideas based on my hot4d settings? Thanks!
  9. excellent! Great help!
  10. Excellent! Great help! Yesterday that video was up! Found another video and also an image. =)
  11. Hi everybody, I am very interested in knowing how to create a similar effect from the X-men initial scene (please refer to 3:15 scene), where liquid goes up a given path. Can anyone please give me some ideas of: 1. Creating the liquid material (not as a water in pool) that will retain its form. 2. Moving the liquid through a path. I have not found specfic tutorials on it, yet maybe a combination of some could do it. If you have simple instructions for a beginner it will ve greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Great, thanks Cerbera!
  13. Hi everyone, I was wondering is there is a function in C4D similar to After Effects´s replace layer, where the new layer, in this case object en C4D, would retain all other effects connected to it . > copy attributes from one object to another and retain all other effects connected to it. Thanks! g.
  14. Hi, I have C4d r17 running on a mac, I recently downloaded and applied the hot4d plugin from Vaalkari to create water waves. I followed a Vaalkari video on how to create foam on the waves, yet I am not getting the foam effect. Any ideas? Maybe someone who has used this plugin before. Thanks!
  15. Great, thanks a lot!