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  1. Ok, thanks a lot, will get on it and experiment util i get it =) Gracias!
  2. Hi! Im working on a dome projection mapping and was wondering how to correctly adapt material - image/videos- to a half-dome or spherical (hemisphere type) object. In particular, I am planning to add a mountain scene and saw this example of a plug-in for AE where it adapts along the bottom edge a large elongated image into the half-dome (see image). Does anybody know: How to achieve this correctly in c4d, bringing the image into the half dome and adapting it correctly to its curvature? (Im working with 4096x4096, 1:1 pixel ratio.)
  3. Just great! Thanks a ton!
  4. Great! Thanks, I didnt know about sketch and toon =) Will look into it. Gracias
  5. Probably a very basic question, but I am creating a scene of mountains and rocks that I have setup and want to render out the grid structure in 3d space. How do I actually create the or have the connecting lines and points into a material which I can control with color and/or thickness? Thanks everybody!
  6. Hi, Dan, thanks for the help. Here it is, had to delete the rest of the building because the file was too big to upload, soy I just left the problematic area. Thanks! MODELADO AYTO-SORIA-vc4dcafe.c4d
  7. Hi, I am applying a material onto an extruded object from a spline path (arcs of a building), and am getting weird results when I render it with a light. Any idea what I am missing? Here are two pics. Thanks a lot!
  8. OK, I figured it out... I converted my video file in mov to image sequence. Thanks Westbam, and yes on the viewport. Best!
  9. Hello everybody! I am having a problem with a video I am using loaded as texture onto a plane. When I playback the video it starts "blinking", image appears and goes blank and re-appears. Any ideas what I am missing? Thanks a lot! g.
  10. Hi, simple question: I want to place video on a plane through a material, but I want my plane to be exactly the same proportions/size as my video/material. How do I do it in order not to deform the video? Thanks a lot!
  11. Got it! Turns out I clicked something and it worked... that something was Particle Distribution in the Fill Emitter, default is Fill Volume, and you change it to Particle Layer. Solved =) Thanks
  12. Thanks Cerbera! Unfortunately it did not work., but I am sure your recommendation is part of the solution, just makes sense! Don´t know what I am missing, my first time using realflow
  13. Hello, I am using realflow plugin for c4d and want to create a container filled with water (using the fill emitter in realflow). Nonetheless, the container is a very specific shape and have shaped it using a spline path and then extrude. When I assign the fill emitter to the extruded spline object, the particles (water) do not work or activate- They do activate in a normal primitive, but not in my spline/extruded shape. How can I make it work in my specific shape? Recommendations? Thanks!
  14. Ive been playing around with this new plugin called topoformer and want to randomly colorize the extruded segments of plane. I tried with multishader but did not work since it only colorized whole blocks of the plane, not the individual extruded segments. Any ideas how I can achieve this? Please see image of my setup. I also tried a random effector, activated the color mode, yet I cannot control de material. I want to add reflective qualities among others. Thanks!
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