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  1. I'm importing an Illustrator 8 file via Merge Objects but am having a curious problem. The Illustrator artwork consists of several shapes. When I bring the file in, I have the default "Connect Splines" selected. Everything imports as it should...except two of the shapes are combined into one spline path. I've tried going back into Illustrator and putting the shapes onto separate layers, moving the order of the layers, grouping/ungrouping, etc. Same result every time. The two shapes do overlap visually and ara aligned together...but again, they are on separate layers in Illustrator so that shouldn't be a problem. Strangely, there is a third shape that is also aligned with (and overlaps) the other two, but this imports into C4D just fine. C4D gives it it's own path. Any idea what could be causing this?
  2. NaveenM

    Disabling multiple objects at once

    Got it. So looks like there's no way to do exactly what I want to do. Will follow one of the other methods. Thanks all for the responses!
  3. NaveenM

    Disabling multiple objects at once

    So basically I do have to group them? I wanted to see if there was a way to do it WITHOUT grouping.
  4. I have a seen with a few dozen boxes. I'd like to disable a bunch of them. Now, I know how to select multiple boxes. But when I click the green check mark to disable them, only the object I clicked on is disabled. The others still have the green check box next to them (are enabled, I can see them). I did a few searches and some suggestions where to group the objects and then disable the group. But that brings up other problems for me down the road in terms of organization. Anyway to disable multiple objects without grouping, or do I have to do each one individually? Thanks!
  5. NaveenM

    Fillet edge of a hemisphere

    Thanks for reply! Unfortunately, it looks like no bevel tool in C4D Lite. (Wow, this version really is crippled when it comes to modeling, huh?) Also, another problem I realized is that when you take a sphere and choose the hemisphere option, it cuts the sphere in half but that the bottom is open, like a dome. I figured out a workaround though: create a cylinder with the same radius as the sphere. Give it a height of 1cm (or whatever you need for the size fillet you want), and line it up with the bottom of the sphere. This probably has its limitations but it works for my purposes (small 1cm fillet). Thanks again. Going to have to start putting some $ aside to get the full version of C4D methinks...
  6. Hi, C4D newbie here. I created a sphere, then chose the Hemisphere option to cut it in half. But I'd like to round the edge, but there is no fillet option the way there is with the cube. How would I do this? I'm in C4D Lite, so I don't have any advanced modeling tools, but I figure this has to be pretty simple. (Hopefully). Thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. I forgot to follow up on this. All I had to do was restart my system. Duh...
  8. I contacted them. They don't know. Was told that it gets updated when you update After Effects. But AE is updated on my end with the latest version. So: AE - up to date C4D - not up to date with no way to update Frustrating. Will call Adobe. Maybe they can resolve this without it taking three days.
  9. Hi Folks, Trying to get the hang of C4D, but it's pretty hard when the application won't work right. C4D Lite R16 won't refresh properly. I checked the updater, and looks like there is an update that purportedly fixes a lot of bugs. But...I can't update. The updater freezes at 3. Restart Installer. (See attached img) I would restart, but every attempt I've made doesn't seem to do anything, just get me back to the same place. This includes exiting the application and restarting. Any help? Would love to learn to use this application, if it would let me. Thanks in advance for any help! Naveen