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  1. Cycles for C4D

    well, GCN (1) is horrible (got a crappy driver by AMD), nothing we can do about (it is all in AMD hands) GCN 2 got a good driver (at least that is what Sergey said).
  2. Cycles for C4D

    Sergey (one of the main core devs of Cycles in Blender) mentioned that GCN2 arch for AMD is good (it has good drivers and good performance), though I didn't test that to confirm, but I expect good OpenCL results/stability out of GCN2 arch GPUs. you can google about GCN2 arch and see which GPUs are built upon that arch.
  3. Cycles for C4D

    I'm the main Dev of Cycles 4D :)
  4. Cycles for C4D

    I do :) , it is the most recent build (till date 26/4), with major bug fixes.
  5. (Plugin) Cycles 4D Release Date 15th November

    what about the progressive refine check box? buckets are much faster.
  6. (Plugin) Cycles 4D Release Date 15th November

    nice render :) , are you sure you are using correct tile size for GPU? GPU loves large tile sizes, like 256 x 256