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  1. Rectro, You are my savior =) It works!! So the steps I did: 1 - select source mesh 2- call weight manager 3 - In the joints tab select all joints 4 - call file - save command 5 - select target model 6 - update weight manager so the target mesh is appeared in it 7- select all joints of the target mesh 8- load saved weight map text file Done! THANKS!!!
  2. Thanks a bunch! I tried to copy weight tag but it didn't work, the geo doesn't react on controllers. After that I have 2 weight tags , one from the previous binding that I can't delete for some reason. I'm using Character rig. I also saved weight map(text file) and import it into a new model but again no success.
  3. Thanks Rectro, The point order is the same, I'll try export/import weights.
  4. Hello, I've got two almost identical characters. The only difference in between them in their height. I've setup a simple rig and skinned one of them. How do I transfer weight map from one model to another ? I've tried just copy/paste weight map tag but it didn't work well. I'm not sure what is the proper way to do that. Thanks in advance! Mike
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