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  1. robvfx

    voronoi fracture hexagonal chunks

    Oh nice! think its gonna work. Thanks alot! is there a way to make a cube with hexagonal faces ? so i can get hex-shapes from all axis, i cant get it right.. :D once again! thanks!
  2. Hi! Im wondering if theres a way to create hexagonal chunks from a voroni fractured objects. I want to break up an object like in the tutoriallink below but insted of random chunks i want hexagonal chunks? is it possible? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxAm5m10syw&t=21s
  3. robvfx

    Mograph objects flips/glitch

    Do you have any tips to bake Voronoi fracture? cant get any god results and cant find anything good on google.
  4. robvfx

    Mograph objects flips/glitch

    Ah! yea, of course. Didnt think of that ! must be the reason fonts keeps flipping! thanx! But still have problem with that voronoi-glitching/flipping.
  5. Hi ! Mayby someone can answer this. Sometimes when i render stuff like Text from mograph it keeps flipping between fonts. It wont show if you look at your wievport in c4d. But when its renderd and i look at the pngseq in AE it shows. Yesterday i renderd some object that gets destroyd with the Voronoi fracture. Same as always, looks alright in wievport, later when you look at your render. some blocks flips/change places/disapears... quite annoying.. I have used teamrender to render this. Standard render, some AO, GI. No plugins. Thanx you all!
  6. robvfx

    Growing slime along an object

    Thanx! really cool this one! think it will work
  7. Hi ! Im trying to build/setup an scene and im stuck right at the start. Does anybody have an ide how to make this? or point me in the right direction. I want to create some sort of "growing" slime along an object ( a 3d leg in this case) , i got no extarnal particlesplugins. I use C4d R18/19 studio. Thanx for your help!
  8. robvfx

    C4d Hair , motion vector pass

    tnx for the help Cerbera!
  9. Hi , im trying to render a bumblebee with som small hair/fur that has dynamic wind connected. Ill want motion blur aswell. So my problem is that if i use physical render it takes ages. If i render without mb and render a vector motionpass instead the hair isnt there. I googled some and it seems that VM-pass dosent support hair and you have to convert the hair to geometry ( using "C "??) . Then another problem occurs. The hair isnt dynamic anymore and dont interact with my wind.. Any sugestions??? or
  10. robvfx


    Hey! How would you have done to solve the following task. I have an idea, but wonder if there is a better way. A book, where you can browse through the pages. On some pages, there will be picture frames where there will be movie clips. These clips will I later wish to change without rendering the entire project. My idea is the following: I have a book that is rigged and ready (bought online). I make my animation, camera movements and more. I render out a "UV-pass" and any other passport and import them into After Effects. Once there, I have a plug-in called "ft-UVPass". After that I made various precomps, put all rendered "pass" right, this means I can easily replace footage in my precomps on the pages I want. So back to my question, Is there an easier way? or should i just continue. over and out! thanks for the help.