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  1. Reposting here a previous post by contrafibbularities There's a free script called "AngleSelect" by Geespot you may find useful: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=3963058&postcount=17 You need to be registered at CGTalk to download it.
  2. Greetings all, I've been playing around with deforming a geo surface with ThinkingParticles coupled with the Proximal shader in the Displacer object. It's working ok for the most part, but a finer point is alluding me a little - namely that a portion of the particles are not sticking properly to the surface. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tzeqmsfe7ckxbo/proximal-shader-particles-events_v03.c4d?dl=0 In the linked scene above, there's a hero Sphere who's surface is being deformed by the particles that land on it, by way of a TP Deflector node (using said Sphere as deflector geometry) and a Displacer object using a Proximal shader with the TP Particles as proximal's reference. This works well in general, but as the displacement accumulates as more particles hit the surface, some of those particles escape, or rather break past the mesh after they've stuck to it for a frame or 2. I'd guess this has to do with a threshold normal angle of whatever polygon each particle is hitting. I appended a PFreeze node off of the Event output on the PDeflector node, but this doesn't quite do the trick. I'm presuming what this should do is bring any particle's position to a halt at the exact frame it reaches the deflector surface, but perhaps this is incorrect?
  3. Hi Hrvoje - Thanks for the suggestion. I just gave it a look though I don't see how that would work since the gizmos in the viewport represent nodes that only seem to exist as objects within Xpresso. Unless there's some secret I don't know, I'm not certain there is a way to access those Xpresso nodes as "objects" via the Object Manager, other than by clicking on the Xpresso tag to open the Xpresso window.
  4. Hi all, An esoteric but simple question: Anybody know of way to make all Xpresso gizmos invisible in the viewport? In my specific case, I have a few XParticles Wind nodes in the scene, and each has its large plane-&-arrow gizmo to represent the wind's direction. This is all well and good, though I like sending clients hardware playblasts and it would be nice to not have those extra distractions. I tried all options in the Display panel and pined through Preferences as well but couldn't find the right check-box. Many thanks NpF
  5. Thanks very much natevplas for the quick response! Exactly what I was looking for!
  6. Hi all, Wondering if anyone knows a way to override the Up Vector of clones on a surface. In short, I have a human cell model that's surface is animated using Displacer and Random deformers. I need to scatter some small receptor structures on its surface, which I'm doing using Cloner's Surface Distribution function. The position of the clones follow the animated surface, which is what I want, however the clones also inherit the normal direction of the surface (polygon, or point, I'm not sure which) which is something I don't want. Rather, I'd like the normal direction to be inherited from the center point of the object itself, so that the clones' positions follow the surface, but they always face directly outward, rather than following the vector of the nearest poly or point. I'm guessing this might be a job for one of the MoGraph Effectors, or alternatively there's some Xpresso-based solution, but I haven't figured it out. Also: Is there a way to make a sub-selection of polygons on the cell object, after I've applied the Displacer Deformer and Random Effector. "Active selection" doesn't seem to be available after these are applied to the base mesh. Thanks ahead of time to anyone with tips! NpF receptors_minimum.c4d
  7. My guess was that it might depend on farm's particular setup, but many thanks for the response and for lending a little more clarity! -NpF
  8. Greetings to Hrvatska, from Brooklyn. Thanks for the fast response - and for the clarifications! 'Tis a pity Xpresso keys can't be shown in powerslider, especially for non-dual-monitor types like me. Best, Nik
  9. Greetings all, Hoping someone can clarify a few things regarding the MoGraph cache feature, particularly as it would pertain to network or farm rendering. I understand the difference between caching to RAM and caching to .mog file, but if I have some Cloners cached to RAM, will the C4D file hold onto that cache info, or will I have to run a re-cache if I quit and re-open C4D? Regarding the use of .mog files and remote render farms, is there any standard nomenclature for the folder name I should save the .mog sequence to, or does this tend vary from service to service? Furthermore, is it generally better practice to render out the .mog file for farm rendering, or does simply rendering the cache to RAM/C4D file tend to suffice? One more related question: would I see any difference in CPU render-time between caching to RAM/file vs. caching to disk? Many thanks, NpF
  10. Greetings all, Something of a newbie question that's been bugging me for a few weeks now. I'm wondering if there's a way to get keyframes created in Xpresso to show up in the main timeline (below the viewport). I find it a bit of a hindrance to have to open up the F-Curve or Dopesheet to move keys around everytime I need to make an adjustment. Many thanks! NpF
  11. Just found my way back here as this particular came up in my workflow and realized I never responded to you, so sending apologies for absent-mindedness which I hope didn't come off as rudeness. In any event looking at your words above and nodding in agreement - many thanks for helping me make more sense of this obscure but useful product feature! Cheers, Nik
  12. @Jed, Many thanks. I appreciate the explanation! I think this clarifies quite a bit.
  13. Wow, this is great - thanks very much for pointing me in this direction! As I mentioned, I'm quite new to Xpresso (but I should mention I have been studying Houdini for the past year or so, and the approach is somewhat similar). Looking at the way you amended my file, there are still a few things that are a little mysterious to me: So the tag that contains the main setup (Iteration > LinkList > Object > PMatterWaves, etc) has to somehow reference the "Global Velocity" data on each of the spheres, so based on your setup, I would assume the Global Velocity data gets assigned to the sphere object itself through their individual Xpresso tags, and this data gets collected in the LinkList node? I'm a little confused about what exactly the "Tag" operator node and the one next to it called "Xpresso" are actually doing (see attached jpg). In the "Xpresso" node, it appears we're referencing the tag of the first object in the LinkList and calling on it's "Global Velocity" user data? Also, is there any danger in changing the names of the Xpresso tags? In other words, are the names read as string values, or are all references absolute when your working in Xpresso? Sorry for the continued naive questions - I'm trying to wrap my head around how this system works. Many thanks again, Nik
  14. srek, Thank you again for the suggestion! I appear to have figured things out as far as creating an iteration group and linking it to the emitter node so that particles are emitted across all objects at once! Attaching a new file to show. A couple follow up questions, if you would be so generous: I'd love to see the emitted particles inherit some velocity from the emitter geometry so that rather than leaving an immediate trail, they explode outward a bit from the spheres before drifting away. I've approximated the effect (badly) by keyframing a few of the emitter's parameters, but this is of course less than ideal. Here's something from an old post of yours: This makes a lot of sense to me in theory, though I can't seem to make it work in reality (please see my file. Though you're talking about PStrom I don't see how the same wouldn't apply to PMatterWaves). I can't get a green wire when trying to connect my Math node to the PSetData node. I'd guess this is what would happen when you try to connect incompatible data types, but I've set the mode to 'vector' as suggested. I'd also wonder where the Position Velocity is calculated from on the Emitter object (is it per point, or poly, or from the world position of each new particle at its frame of birth?, etc.) Also, a tangental question that's probably a noob question: Is there a way to enable keyframes created in Xpresso nodes to show up in the timeline under my viewport, the way most keys do? Thank you again, Nik XPresso-Iterator-v02.c4d



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