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  1. What's flickering here

    Hi thank you that's good advice. I've attached a pic of just the ambient light which is a plane covering the window with luminant material with intensity at 250%. I can still see the noise in the ceiling area... What do you think? That's what I have in the scene, two area lights where the 'tube lighting' is. The tubes have luminant material and the area lights are doing the work. I have another area light to fill in the back right hand corner and then the IES lights over the counter. None of those are on in the image I've posted though... I've noticed a bit of diffuse noise in the 'Make sign and at the back on the sink too, would that be an issue with the material or the lighting, maybe it's both..? I've marked it in the second image...
  2. Axis when zoomed in various views

    Sorry, it wasn't that I ignored your advice it's just that when I first viewed your response the first and last sentences were not visible but when I've looked at it again the full response is visible, the same thing happened the other night too. Either that or I'm losing the plot, that could also be the case...
  3. Axis when zoomed in various views

    Sorry, not sure how to use this as the options are all greyed out when I look at it? I'm sure it's this option I need as I know what the other one you mentioned does...
  4. Hi, This is probably such a simple thing but I'm having trouble moving objects around when in the various viewport views, top, right etc. I would like to see the axis so I can move objects accurately when zoomed in but unless it's at the point that you want to move, I have to be quite zoomed out to see it which means I'm not seeing things close up when moving. Is there a way to move objects when zoomed in that I'm not aware of? I've attached an example image. I would like to see an axis here in order to move those polys... I can only see it when zoomed out quite a way... Thanks...
  5. What's flickering here

    Yes, I see what you mean. Not sure if these are any better? Also, how to rectify, scuzzy looking ceiling? I tried increasing AO subdivision to 3 but I don't think it's that... Need more light up there?
  6. What's flickering here

    What do you think? Went for the luminant plane and some area fills plus the counter IES. There is a bit of noise in the ceiling. I used IC/Light Mapping - Threshold 20% to speed things up a bit.
  7. What's flickering here

    Thanks. So area light outside the window? I've put in a really large window almost the length of the wall is that ok? Area shadows and any falloff or no? Then the IES lights, too bright? Any other lights inside? :)
  8. What's flickering here

    I decided to try and have a look at the lighting from scratch. I removed all the lighting from the scene, including all the luminant materials. I have added a large window along the front wall which is out of shot and placed a physical sky here pointing through the window at the counter. It's currently set to 100% intensity. Is that too dark to begin with? I guess this is somewhat subjective right? I tried using an infinite light (sun) also pictured. I've then added IES lights to the counter are these too bright as they're burning out the counter? Should I reduce the decay here or the intensity to control this? I'm not sure if it's a good thing to have the light visible either? I really want to smooth out this lighting so it maybe stops the flickering. I'm wondering what else to put in for best outcome. Is it not good to have area lights pointing down from the ceiling in this scenario? I've also included the original reference image I'm working from. Any advice greatly appreciated!
  9. What's flickering here

    The light is a model from C4D library. It's probably overcomplicated for what I need anyway, so maybe I should do away with it. I had the lights turned off and was just using it for illumination. I've attached the light in a file here. I modelled the scene from a photograph and tried to stay true to it, there is one small window at the back on the left but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to let some more daylight into the scene to help with realism and so I can adjust the lighting. I've used area lights where those ceiling lights are for illumination and IES lights for the lights over the counter. Thanks for your input. light.c4d
  10. What's flickering here

    Thanks for the information, it's very useful. I've had a look at the Corona renderer and initial impression is it looks good. I'm not sure if it's fully supported by PixelPlow (render farm), I could see version 1.4 was referred to but I'm not sure about the latest (1.7)? Also, one of the youtube tutorials referred to C4D spotlights but does it support other C4D lights or would you have to use the Corona lighting set? I like the look of it and a lot of the tutorials are based on interior scenes which is what I'm mainly concerned with. Indeed there is so much to learn and I know I've just (not even) touched the surface. The problem I have is a lack of time and also any knowledgeable colleague/mentor as I'm the only one doing this in my company I don't have anyone to learn from; I just rely heavily on this forum lol! That coupled with the fact it's not my main job either and I'm trying to convince my company to use it, means that I'm not able to spend the time I need to on learning and it's down to me in my free time or in between projects at the moment. Feels like I'm trying to cram what would take years to learn into a very short timescale. I need to show this model soon as I think they will lose interest if I don't push on with it. It's a shame as I finished the other one and now can't show it because of the colour scheme ;) Hmm possibly. I did a GSG tutorial which contained baked materials a while back, I'll have a search around tutorials. Lack of knowledge holding me back again! Thanks again everyone.
  11. What's flickering here

    Ok, so after running a few experimental renders it does look like it's being caused by light mapping. I did have a sun and sky object in my scene but I turned those off and it still flickered. I also tried default light mapping settings but it still seems to flicker. Rendering with QMC/QMC seems to have eradicated the issue? It's really low quality because I wanted to do a quick test but it looks like it's not flickering? It cost 20 cents to render 10 frames QMC/light mapping and 73 cents for 30 frames QMC/QMC, a very small file though and threshold 50% so render times gonna increase a lot. But I guess there it's not too much more to do QMC for both? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Make_sign_qmc_light.mp4
  12. What's flickering here

    Hi there, thanks for your response. I did experiment with QMC/QMC when it was previously suggested but on this occasion it resulted in a significant increase in render time. I had a bit of a budget to use a render farm which I've been doing but at this stage I can't justify to my Co to 'go mad' with it as we're just in the first stages of looking at how these models can help our business. Being somewhat of a nube to all this, I'm happy with the metallic version I posted here but I can't use it now because of changes to the brand (typical!). I did have to go back to an old model with the original colours so it's possible that I tinkered with the walls/ceiling a bit but I've check and there doesn't appear to be a gap...(to my largely untrained eye ;)) I will give this a go later and see if it helps... Wish I had all of the knowledge you guys have
  13. What's flickering here

    Hi CBR I had to change the model from the metallic version due to some internal politics. I had completed the other model though and it didn't flicker like this. I'm pretty sure I've used the same settings unless something got changed accidentally... Here's a screen shot of the light mapping settings
  14. Hi there Not sure what is flickering in this movie file? It's at the top of the model close to the join between ceiling and wall. Is it the lights in the scene or might there be a gap in the ceiling and walls (they are separate) and it's daylight coming through? It was rendered using QMC/light mapping. I have to render a few different takes so need to fix this before I can move on. :/ Thanks, make_sign.mpg
  15. Hi, thanks, there was a thickness applied, I think it may have been the cake material. I put it into a new scene, changed the cake material and the plate and now it's working fine!