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  1. Best way to create curved counter

    Hey, that's great thank you. Learned a few other things from that too!
  2. Hi there I've potentially go to create a curved counter for a restaurant design. The last time I did this kind of thing I used a bend deformer but I'm just wondering what's the best way/alternative way to do this? Example picture attached. Thanks, Jo
  3. Hi, What's the best way to render different viewpoints of the same file? I want to use the render queue to do this but so far I have found that it overwrites the views. Do I need to change the file name in render setting for each view to do this. I have a multi morph camera setup to render camera motion but I also want to create stills from the scene too. I've used 'takes' which worked ok but that seems to work with picture viewer... The stills I want are different angles to the camera positions I have set... So far I've worked around it by rendering individually to picture viewer but ideally I'd like to set up about 4 viewpoints and add each to the render queue and then render. Can anyone advise the best way? Thanks, Jo
  4. Thanks. And with that area light technique, how do you stop that light 'leaking out' too much in other areas of the scene or will it not contribute that much?
  5. Thanks. I'm using GI so that's ok but the luminant object I put inside didn't really do anything. I didn't use a cylinder but I can easily change that. How do you tell which way area lights point? Someone told me it's the Z direction
  6. Hello, I'd really appreciate some help with lighting for inside this fridge unit. It will form part of a bigger restaurant scene (jpg attached). It's currently very dark and you can't really see the items inside very well. I've messed around with it in a new scene but I'm a bit stuck on the best way to do this. It's a bit of a learning exercise really as I'll need to do this in the future. I'm quite new to the 3D world. Recently a trainer told me that a lot of people put a luminant object inside models like this but I tried that and it didn't seem to do a lot... Thanks, Jo
  7. Structure collapsing

    Hi thanks for your reply, I'm struggling with getting mine to look like your version. Here's what I've tried. Cylinder, add height segments, use slice, make editable, use knife to cut loops, SDS, collapses... (should I optimise the shape?) I'm not sure how to get the shape so that the missing part is in quads and not triangulated where the slice has been removed...How did you do that part? Originally I used the soft selection tool to create the domed top... I'm fairly new to all of this and have only had two days of one-to-one training, (soon to have a third) so I'm learning from online tutorials and a bit of trial and error... Not familiar with, central pole, first I'd heard of slice... cake_2.c4d
  8. Hi I'm trying to create a very simple cake that can go inside a fridge in a scene I'm working on. It's basically just a cylinder with a section removed and a domed top. The problem I'm having is that when rendered the structure keeps collapsing. I assume it's because it needs some extra supporting lines somewhere so I've added one in the middle but it's still collapsing. Not sure what's going on. I did this a couple of ways, using melt to get rid of the missing piece and also by manually selecting and deleting it but it still doesn't work. I've optimised the shape so that the top is connected to the sides. I'm sure it's very simple but can't fix it. File attached... cake.c4d
  9. Viewport-texture quality

    Ok great, thanks!
  10. Viewport-texture quality

    Thanks. Is there somewhere you could direct me so that I can understand the texture mode/axis mode tool a bit better, a tutorial or something? I think it's the scaling that's the problem, I'm not really sure how to do it correctly. I don't understand what axis mode does either. I've tried the manual but it doesn't go into much detail. This is the only version of C4D I've used (18).
  11. Hi, I've been working on this tutorial from Greyscale Gorilla https://vimeo.com/55115037. The problem I'm having is with the quality of the materials versus what I'm seeing in the instructor's viewport. I think I've had this issue with other files of mine too which made me search ways to improve the quality. I came up with turning on Enhanced OpenGL which did improve things. I'm not sure if the instructor is using this or not. I've attached 3 screen grabs which show what I'm talking about. One shows his viewport with the texture looking all smooth, one shows my viewport with EGL on and one without it. I think you will see what I mean in terms of the quality. I have followed the tutorial carefully and I'm using their texture packs to to it. Is there something else that is causing this issue with materials? Is it standard practice to work with EGL on? I don't really know what it is but it has improved things. I would be grateful for any advice so that I can get a better idea of what materials should look like in the viewport... Thanks, Jo
  12. Argh, having one of those days today where I don't seem to be achieving much and nothing is going to plan. Anyway, the issue I'm having is when trying to add the photometric data file to an IES light it seems like all my folders are empty. I have the presets in the content browser but it appears that there are no files in the folders. I've also installed a library (by copying it into the browser folder of the application) of IES files from this site and it's the same with those. I can see all the file names but when I click on them they seem to be empty. I've checked that I have all the content browser presets installed using check for updates. I'm using icon view with content browser. IES files are working because I've check with an individual file saved on my desktop it just seems that it's not working within content browser. I've attached a screenshot to show the empty file... Anyone what my be going on?
  13. Advice on lighting my scene

    Great thanks, One last thing on the hdri sky before I get stuck in to all this. What type of image should I use in the sky given that this subway is inside a building..?
  14. Advice on lighting my scene

    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to provide all this great advice. A couple of questions: Workflow: should I start with materials and then organise lighting and then tweak things or the other way around? If no GI required, does that mean not to use it when rendering? What about the HDRI sky, won't that need it? Should I be using a reflection map image in the sky and if so should I pick one that depicts a scene similar to what I'm trying to achieve or just with the same lighting? With regards to the textures. To be honest I used mostly the presets, I find the lighting and materials is probably the most involved when learning and of course it's probably the thing that is going to make everything look the best. I've been watching some greyscale gorilla tutes on using reflectance layers to 'scuzz' things up a bit. Even though, say the wood floor has noise in there and other layers, it still looks too clean. I guess I'm gonna just have to play around with it to get it right, seems such a steep learning curve that sometimes I just don't know where to begin! Totally agree with you it all looks too clinical and graphic.