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  1. Rigging a flour sack

    Hi guys, thanks for all your tips. I have finally finished my version of the Flour sack, which I think is very close to the Maya variant. Here is short video -
  2. Rigging a flour sack

    Thanks for the idea. I have another idea in my head to achieve the squashing and stretching of your rig using Xpresso. I will try it in the next couple of days. Thanks. I will check it. Got it. Somehow never used it in such a way. I already tried this approach :) But this rig has all it's "insides" like joints and expressions hidden. So I can't find a way to reverse-engineer it so far. This is most likely because I am not good at Maya.
  3. Rigging a flour sack

    That's really great! Very close to the original one. Thank you very much for it. The only big thing it's lacking to my mind is the squashing and stretching of the body, as well as ability to move this squashed mass up and down. Also I didn't find a way to bend it in half. I would definitely love to see the tut from you. I never saw the use of clusters in rigs. And how did you make this joint type - http://prntscr.com/f17owi ? I see you used it several times to connect joints, which go different directions. And can't you rotate each side of this double-sides joint separately to control the rotation of upper and lower chains independently?
  4. Rigging a flour sack

    Yes, I would also like to see your file, @digitvisions, please.
  5. Rigging a flour sack

    Well, not sure if it is possible to achieve the result with just deformers. In the youtube link above each deformer is applied one after another. If I tried to apply several of them at the same time (i.e. bend and squash), I get incorrect deformation of the geometry.
  6. Rigging a flour sack

    Sorry, didn't quite get how can falloff help. Could you please specify?
  7. Rigging a flour sack

    Yes, trying to set it up just with deformers as well. Do you know if there a standard way to apply several bend deformers to different parts of the geometry? I only managed to find a way to do it via this plug-in - https://www.curiousanimal.tv/blog/c4d-python-party-bend-chain/
  8. Rigging a flour sack

    Ok, got it. Though in general it's something I will definitely keep in mind, but it seems like the deformation is not quite what I saw in the demo video. I tried it with squash and stretch deformer as well. If you try to rotate a join when the geometry is squashed by the deformer you get a not very good overall deformation.
  9. Rigging a flour sack

    @Rectro, thank you very much for the tip. But I don't quite get the difference in behavior if you do it in a simple way. Or am I missing something? Please check the file. It is the one you sent, where I just quickly copied the same object, but put the bend deformer straight under the geometry. bend deformer with rig(2).c4d
  10. Rigging a flour sack

    thanks for you replies, guys. @vandale, yes, saw that tutorial. The problem is that the stretchy part of the spine rig there can not be bent by rotation of the joints. @Rectro, tried it. But the joints are not following the deformation from the bend deformer. Is there a way to make them follow? @maliohammad, thanks, actually this I haven't tried. Will give it a shot.
  11. Hi everyone, I have been struggling lately with a flour sack rig, which I saw for Maya. Cannot figure out how to setup the ability to create a spine, which will combine both squashing and stretching and rotation of the same joints, as you can see on the demo video below. Any piece of advice would be greatly appreciated, as I am really stuck with it.