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  1. Hi everyone, Another question: Is it possible to add different files to a render queue, and later tone map and save them individually in the Corona VFB? Thanks in Advance! Lars
  2. Thnx Guys! Srry for the late reply, i don't get notifications when someone replies to my topics?
  3. And the background made in photoshop, Hope to hear from you soon! Kind Regards, Lars
  4. This is the raw render, only being masked in photoshop.
  5. Hi Guys & Girls, I'm working on this Xmas card i'm gonna make of me an my friends riding a sledge. I work at a foto studio, so i try to fix my lack of c4d with photoshop. I was wondering of any of you guys have some tips or inspiration to improve the model/texturing/lighting (especialy some details to add).
  6. Thank u all so much! Helps a lot! Kind regards, Lars
  7. Hi, I'm working on this shape below. I want the edge of the cog to have sharp edge's, but i don't want this visible in the "round" shape. I can't my head around how to get this with (preferably low poly) a clean grid for the SS. Anyone who can help this noob? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Lars
  8. Hi there, I'm working on creating this tap and other taps in C4d + Corona: I tried making a layered material, with the following settings and result: Anybody got any advise on how to get a better result? Thanks in advance! Lars
  9. Awsome, Thank you very much!
  10. oeps! i'm sorry! But i thought it might be a model problem as well though :)
  11. Hi, I'm working on this project and bumped into a problem with texturing.... So here's what i got: The idea is to make its glass, filled with cola (and preferably some foam on/in it. This is how i build it up (it's a single object): So, i want to render it with corona. If i apply a glass texture to the outer layer, and the cola to the inner layer i don't really see the glass. If i split the inner layer and apply the cola to that then it gliches a little. Any suggestions? Or suggestions on how it should have done it moddelwise? Thanks in advance! Lars Overman
  12. Thnx for the fast reply! Is this the only/best way?
  13. Hi, This is probably a great noob question but well... I have created a tap and wanted to apply an "stainless steel" texture. I used a stretched noise and want it to follow the curve of the tap. I like the way it follows the standing part but not the curved part... Can anyone help me with the keywords for tutorials? I can only find UV-mapping tutorials but this seems like overkill to me. Thanks in advance! Lars Overman



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