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  1. AniMarcus

    Character object rotation issue

    @digitvisions oh I get now thanks for the help I'll make the splines more linear. Though one more question if you can, is there a way to fix the fact that when i rotate the hand controller, the HPB values all change instead of one axis?
  2. AniMarcus

    Character object rotation issue

    @digitvisions Thanks I'll try to fix that. Here's the file with just the character in the same position as it was in the video. Character_C4d_Cafe.zip
  3. AniMarcus

    Character object rotation issue

    @Twizzle No sadly it the problem persists
  4. Hi everyone! I'm currently animating for a short film I'm creating and am using a rig i made using the character object. I found that, first of all, the elbows deform weirdly and extend in some way (not too much of a problem) and the main issue is animating the arm rotation. I noticed that when I rotate using the rotation tool, the HPB values all change when moving one axis. Then I changed the order or rotation which work for either one or two axes but not all at a time. When I animate those values, the rotation always kind of goes in another way in between key frames and arrives at the desired position. (see the video I attached or here: How can I do it to be able to rotate the hands without that weird in-between moving when animating? And while I'm at it, is there a way to fix that "extended" elbow? Thanks! -Marcus Hamelink issue.mp4
  5. AniMarcus

    One pose morph tag for multiple objects

    @digitvisions Thanks for the answer! That tutorial helped me a lot and I might consider using that rig preset in the future :)
  6. @ABMotion Hi thanks that tutorial really helped a lot! I finally have the buttons controlling the different poses. Though when I keyframe the data I get a choppy look because the transition from one pose to the other is sudden. There must be a way to fix it but unfortunately it is beyond my understanding of Xpresso haha. Does anyone here know whether there is a forum or something specified for xpresso help? Thanks! Marcus Hamelink
  7. @Alec No worries i appreciate the help anyway. I actually had no idea of the time track and time might be useful for future things :)
  8. @Alec Hi! Thanks for your response! I just don't understand how using a time track can help me with what I'm doing. I'm looking to have it so that in my user data I get to click on one of the options (the A sound for the mouth for example) and then in the pose morph the slider for A goes to 100% and the others go to 0%. I hope it's clearer now. Thank you! Marcus Hamelink
  9. Hi everyone! As I also talked about in my last thread, I'm creating this human rig and right now I'm in the process of creating mouth controls. I have a setup where parts of the lips are linked to a pose morph who are linked to a controller. That is going fine. Though I thought that if I want to do some lip syncing, it would be annoying to remake the mouth pose for every frame. Even if I copy and paste the keyframe I would still have to remake the pose in the beginning. In After Effects, when you want to lip sync a character (at least how I would do it) is using a composition layer with all the different mouths and then apply a time remap to easily call the needed positions. In the picture I attached I show the way I would like to have the time remapping-like feature. When I click and keyframe one of the buttons, the corresponding pose morph slider goes to 100% and the others fall back to 0%. I have to use Xpresso for this but have trouble figuring it out (I know only some basics of it). Could someone help me with this? Thank you very much! Marcus Hamelink
  10. Hi! I'm creating this human rig and I'm currently working on the mouth controls and have this setup where i use pose morph to move part of the mesh and have linked it to the movement of an object (see picture). Now I want to have a bunch of sliders with the different positions I need for lip syncing. To do that I have to use a pose morph to save the position of all the controllers to be able to easily access that positioning. I'm not sure if what I said was clear but basically I want to have one pose morph tag on a null object and then I can record the position of all my mouth controllers using one slider. How can I do that? Thanks! Marcus Hamelink
  11. AniMarcus

    Axis not lining up with selected polygon

    @3DKiwi Oh wow thank you so much! It worked!
  12. Hi! I'm in the process of creating this human character and I'm not sure when it started happening but when I select polygons or make any selection at all the axis doesn't line up. It just appears at the place that the whole model is anchored to. (See the video to know what I'm talking about) I have no idea what I did but how do I do it to change it back? Thank you for answering! -Marcus explanation.mp4
  13. AniMarcus

    C4D Crashes Upon Selecting A Model

    Oh yeah I get it now! Thanks for the quick response! :D I guess I'll just downgrade to a working version to finish my modelling haha Thank you! Marcus
  14. AniMarcus

    C4D Crashes Upon Selecting A Model

    Wait so MAXON can fix plugin related issues? @Cerbera
  15. AniMarcus

    C4D Crashes Upon Selecting A Model

    @Cerbera I've been trying stuff out and turns out, it's an issue with the "true symmetry plugin". The newest update must have changed something... Would you know any plugin similar to true symmetry and that is compatible with the latest version? Thanks! Marcus