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  1. Axis not lining up with selected polygon

    @3DKiwi Oh wow thank you so much! It worked!
  2. Hi! I'm in the process of creating this human character and I'm not sure when it started happening but when I select polygons or make any selection at all the axis doesn't line up. It just appears at the place that the whole model is anchored to. (See the video to know what I'm talking about) I have no idea what I did but how do I do it to change it back? Thank you for answering! -Marcus explanation.mp4
  3. C4D Crashes Upon Selecting A Model

    Oh yeah I get it now! Thanks for the quick response! :D I guess I'll just downgrade to a working version to finish my modelling haha Thank you! Marcus
  4. C4D Crashes Upon Selecting A Model

    Wait so MAXON can fix plugin related issues? @Cerbera
  5. C4D Crashes Upon Selecting A Model

    @Cerbera I've been trying stuff out and turns out, it's an issue with the "true symmetry plugin". The newest update must have changed something... Would you know any plugin similar to true symmetry and that is compatible with the latest version? Thanks! Marcus
  6. Hi! For some time already, I have been working on this dragon model. I haven't touched the scene for a few days because I had exams and needed to focus on school. Today, I open up the scene and go to select my model to tweak a few things. As soon as I do that, Cinema 4D crashes. I have cinema 4d updated to the latest version. I included a scene with the model (where the problem still occurs) and the bug report. I am suspecting it might be an update to some hardware on my pc but I don't know what. Could anyone help me? Thank you so much! Marcus _BugReport.txt
  7. Hi guys! I'm kind of stressed out because I have been working on a 3d animated film for months now for a contest and the deadline is tomorrow evening! I still need to render out around 1600 frames and i have a feeling my team render computers might not render on time. (around 3-4 min per frame) I know I could have started rendering the stuff before (I have already one part) but I encountered problems which delayed my work. So my question is, what kind of cheap, quick, easy-to-use render farm can I use? I need an answer quick! Thank you so much to whoever helps me on this!
  8. Empty scene but still extremely slow

    @Keylogger @grain @jed @Captworgen @Berto Hello, So I talked to the support at MAXON and apparently on the beta test forums someone had the exact same issue. He told me that it's caused by an NVIDIA update in the background or something. So to fix it, you have to download the update drivers for the graphics card! I hope this will help. Marcus
  9. Empty scene but still extremely slow

    Well, the pc is reset, luckily I saved the personal files. Reinstalled Cinema 4D and the same problem is there...
  10. Empty scene but still extremely slow

    @regnas I already removed some malicious stuff with the anti virus: the problem persists and my cpu/memory usage is high all the time. Tbh I prefer to do this to be sure that the virus is gone.
  11. Empty scene but still extremely slow

    @grain @regnas Welp! I have a virus and have to wipe my pc :P
  12. Empty scene but still extremely slow

    @regnasI'm running windows 10, 64bit I have an i7-6500U 2.50 GHz, 8GB DDR4 of RAM and a GeForce 940MX with 2 GB Dedicated VRAM I did my best to list the specs. I'm not quite sure how it's really done haha I would like to specify also that a few days ago cinema 4D worked fine.
  13. Empty scene but still extremely slow

    @grain So I did what you told me. Removed all plugins and prefs. When I went in cinema 4d again, I changed the HUD so that it displays the fps (like in the video) and it was changing between 0 and 1 fps.
  14. Hello, I have been experiencing this issue where cinema 4D is almost unusable because of how slow it is even with an empty scene. (see video) Issue.mp4 When I went to my other computer and tried it, everything was fine. Looking at the task manager, it seems that the cpu is quite high. A ideas why? Could it be caused by some kind of virus? or is it just c4d? I haven't noticed any difference in speed elsewhere. Thanks!
  15. Pay for Delta Mush with credit card?

    Hello! So in the end, I used a paypal account to pay because I didn't find any other alternative. The plugin is AMAZING! I saved countless hours of work thanks to it! Thanks!