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  1. Oh Thanks you so much, you are a life saver If I may ask, do you know any resources where I can learn to some of the function for python (didn't know how some of the code work) Really appreciate it!
  2. Hi guys, just learned python in C4D recently I'm trying to make a few scripts that can change the selected null objects turn ON color & Cube display & orientation to XZ The coding below is my approach to make these changes, but it can only change one null at a time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- def main(): selObj = doc.GetActiveObject() dis = selObj[c4d.NULLOBJECT_DISPLAY] ori = selObj[c4d.NULLOBJECT_ORIENTATIO
  3. Thanks for the replies. Found out I was in the take mode , so I couldn't see any keyframes. Just by jumping back to the main take , the keyframes are all visible now.
  4. Currently I have a scene with lots of things animated. When I open my timeline , it's totally blank . All the stuffs are still animated though. Even if I toggled the automatic mode , nothing happens The strange thing is , I created a new scene and animated a cube from left to right. I can see the keyframes in the timeline. Has anyone bumped in to this problem before? Please help me out , thanks.
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