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  1. My main client has one of those huge LGs and says it's insane. He's chummy with LG Germany and gets all the latest stuff for his demos. I can't wait until I feel good enough to travel and check it out in person. Sadly my Sony is almost 7 years old and I'm hoping that holds on for just a little long, because I, too, will want to replace it with something decent. But after a new PC and now some new monitors, I need to take a financial breather. I also looked at those wide screens and thought they looked cool. I've always had this fantasy of a whole sphere... or maybe just a hemisphere of monitors around me...lol. My main client has me creating content at 3840 x 2160. Even animation. I will never see what he sees during demos as I can never afford whatever barely released super TV he's using for demos. Sure, some stuff ends up on the web, but that's easy.
  2. THAT's the upscale brand name I was trying to remember. It's been a looooooooong time since I looked at monitors seriously. But holy cr@p they make that $5700 thing I have in my previous notes. I guess that's why I steered away initially. I'll have to check out their more affordable stuff.
  3. My old 30" Apple Cinema Display just died! =8-Q >:-( Yeah, I'll try fixing it, but many say it'll be a waste of time and money, something else will fail soon, and it's just too old. I do feel that I'm hanging on to it for sentimental value...lol. So I need to buy a replacement. It'll be used for C4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Only maybe for a few games if I get game-related contracts. I do not do super critical print work pre-press, etc. I currently have a 20" I can use for little things once I get an adapter for it, but it's old, crappy and could die any day too. I sometimes use my 6 year old 46" TV (1920 x 1080) too, but not up close, of course. So I'm looking at either a 1:1 replacement (30" 2560 x 1600) or getting 2 smaller monitors. I do have a 5k 27" iMac so I can see retina rez when I need it. I'd love to hear what you guys use and recommend?
  4. I'm assuming OP is at least semi-pro, considering the software mentioned. It also doesn't sound like pennies are being pinched. I looked at both AMD and Intel at first a while ago and I heard rumblings from certain people about issues or instability or something concerning AMD and various 3D packages. Unfounded? Who knows? But since there are so many choices as it is, why worry about it? Go with what you know. If you're building a budget gaming box I'm sure you might be able to save some money.
  5. I ALWAYS build my own but am stuck with some physical limitations at present. I, too, need a new machine and need to spend some money before EOY for tax reasons. So I'm looking at some of the custom builders. Since shipping can hit over $400 from the east coast, I'm looking at both Puget and FalconNW. Both have excellent reps. Neither are the cheapest option for a budget machine. As others have said, $2k is a pretty low budget, but I understand if that's all you have to work with. I see a lot of people using CyberPower , IBuyPower and eCollegePC for lower priced builds. Also, if you're near a Microcenter, they will assemble anything you want for $150. No Microcenters here, but if you're in OC there's one in Tustin. Then you just need to research components. There are tons of resources on the web and tons of other people's builds you can copy. Best SC Cinebench I've found is an i7-8700K for around $400 at 218/1523 though that's not a great MT score which sucks for CPU rendering and any other multi-threaded apps. If you're doing Octane, check out Otoy's GPU benchmarks. And somebody has a price/performance chart. What's your Cinebench score and how much do you want to improve it? A super quick Google yields 2 yr old MacBook Pro Cinebench MT scores from 400 to as low as 200! If you're getting 200 I can see why you're in major pain. I've always been bi-platform but my best client is a serious Mac evangelist. He says to hold out for the new Mac Pro. Last I read on MacRumors it might not ship until 2019. And how do we know it won't be another trashcan like thing? I used to LOVE Mac products. But when they dumped the superior Motorola CPUs for Intel, then started focus on phones at the expense of most everything, I started to lose interest. Look at the stats for how many phones and pads they sell vs Macs. My client gave me a 27" iMac just for 4k screen. Looks absolutely lovely. Craptastic Cinebench of 166/597 (tho that SC score is way better than I expected), it's been surprisingly useful for small scenes with a certain amount of patience. My current, 7 year old PC is only 134/999. Between the two I can painfully get some simple animation done rendering overnight. But I'm in your same boat - but with a higher budget. If your budget is at ALL flexible, another thing to think about is how long this machine will last. I'm still using a machine I built 7 years ago. I'm scraping up every penny for this build because I know I'll hang on to it for many, many years.
  6. Yeah it's sad, but specifically for Octane, I just read in their faq that if you use multiple cards, you "will be limited to the size of that card with the least amount of VRAM present in your machine or in the network where all GPUs used for GPU rendering resides". I'm just getting over VRAM not adding on multiple cards =8-Q. I have so much to learn. I measured as many of my previous scenes as I could before I got terminally bored...lol, and came up with 4.5GB max (though I'm sure I missed something big as I thought I was real texture hog). However, last I checked, Win 10 was still reserving a portion of VRAM on even cards that were no connected to monitors. So I'm still going with a 1080Ti for my new build (and hoping to add another 1 or 2 next year) and maybe a pair of 1070Ti's to turn my old 980X box into a GPU renderer... hopefully the prices will drop a bit after Xmas.
  7. I’m looking at building a similar machine. The new Skylake-X processors seem to be unique in that they have good single AND multiple core Cinebench scores. Sure, the i7-8700K has the highest SC score of 218 - but an abysmal 1523 MT. It might be a good option for cheaper model only box. Sadly, for the i9 series, the base clock speeds decrease as the number of cores increase (I bet this table is going to look awful when I post this): CPU base clk Cinebench Price Core i9-7900X 3.3 Ghz 197/2169-2355 $999 Core i9-7920X 2.9 Ghz 188/2438 $1199 Core i9-7940X 3.1 Ghz 188/2849-2929 $1399 Core i9-7960X 2.8 Ghz 184-190/3083-3192 $1699 Core i9-7980XE 2.6 Ghz 184-190/3281-3455 $1999 Yeah, sometimes it's hard to tell if the scores are from an OC'd machine or not. I've tried to include only stock scores, but I'm sure I've missed some. However all the scores are pretty close to each other except for the maybe the 7900X, which we both probably won't go for due to much lower MT score. I didn't include number of cores as most people know this and I don't care... I only care about Cinebench scores. The various Turbo Boost freqs are within .2 Ghz of each other. Of course they vary quite a bit due to the silicon lottery, drivers, mobos and other factors. I'm trying to not spend too much money on this build so I'm going with the 7940X. Smack in the middle and a respectable 3.1 Ghz base clock speed. Re: GPUs: I’ve heard it from several sources (one inside MAXON) that Quadros are a total waste of money for Cinema 4D. I’m going with 1080 Ti’s as they seem to be the best option. The Titan XP gets only a 10-20% performance gain but at twice the cost. I’m a big fan of going with #2 in most cases. The #1 GPU, CPU, etc is always overpriced because it’s new. You already know you need a separate GPU to run your display. I haven't used Octane before and I'm still trying to decide between it and iRay. I just learned that if you use multiple cards, you "will be limited to the size of that card with the least amount of VRAM present in your machine or in the network where all GPUs used for GPU rendering resides" (from Otoy faq). If you get a P4000 with 8GB you will not be able to use the 11GB on your 1080Ti.



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