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  1. Thanks for your answer! Yes i have several fbx animations as rigs in my scene (hidden and mainly as reference), i converted all of those to motion clips and have a character driven by those animations. All of this works perfectly, i set pivots and the blending is super smooth (i first tried to manually copy paste the keyframes into a single rig but the mixamo animations have weird axis rotation differences that cause huge issues :( ), i just would like to have a "rig" of the animation my character does because i need him to pick up and throw several objects and that is way easier with parenting than everything else :( But i guess there is no way to do that?
  2. Hey guys, so im working for the first time on a bit more complex animation, containing several rigs that i am sequencing through motion clips (also my first time using those). Now i have one problem: i want the character to pick up something by using a constraint tag, but the animation where this should happen is very short and through blending in and out as well as speeding it up the movements of my character and the original animated rig in my scene are not aligned at all anymore. Is there a way to get the rig of the actual motion clip that im using to i can use this as a parent? Hope this was understandable :)



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