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  1. thanks for the tip! I modelled the r2d2 in C4D and also the ground, wich is actually a low poly model which I textured in Substance painter. The rocks are actually all the same just roateted and scaled :D And unluckyli I rendererd the scene in 3ds max, but since the most work that was done in cinema 4d casue of the R2D2 I decided to upload it here.. I rendered it with vray :) Because I sadly dont have a license for vray for c4d.. Luis
  2. Thanks a lot, and yes you are right. I will try to give the rocks more detail tomorrow and then share it :)
  3. Thank you! :) yea I was concentrating too much on this atmospheric fog-like effect and thats why I certainly missed some detail.
  4. Hi guys, I have been playing around with atmosphere effects and I wanted to create a small snow scene :) this is the result: thanks for feedback!
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