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  1. help can render with vray (black icon)

    or maybe you need this c4d file https://we.tl/zuWsedaL7f
  2. help can render with vray (black icon)

    here it is Untitled 2.rar
  3. why i can see the sea in edit and when im render not?
  4. plz can someone tell me why i dont see the sun and the shadows? thank you here is the file :https://we.tl/DV7mSn0N2z
  5. help with vray light

    hello guys im new in c4d i have some questions plz help me 1) why in display i dont see the shadows very good? 2) how can i put what i want to see from window? from left window i have light from right window i have a field and a sky why? 3)do i have to put sky or 4)why the fak i have this big sun ray? the sun is coming from the window not from rightt 5) what is the best realistic rendering settings? 6) can you render better rhis scene? thank you very much here is the file :https://we.tl/osgMdelDu1 Untitled2.tif
  6. thank you johnny this is my first render....im learning now...where can i find hdri images? i download it
  7. hello thanks for the help i made the 3d in sketch up and i export to 3ds here is the file: https://we.tl/ESetCwG87W
  8. hello this is my first 3d in c4d i have 3 questions 1) i put a bulbmaterial in the light but the shadows as you see are not good why?? 2) second i have a omni light at the same scene but dosnt appear in the render why?? i cant see any light i put omni or spot or area and 3) why my final scene is so yellow? thank you