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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know how I can turn visibility on for Node Parameters? Currently only viewing the attached. I'm following the steps in this demo exactly (5:50) but just not seeing the features it has to progress: Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, Ash
  2. I found this directly after posting if anyone else has the same qeury -
  3. Hi guys, I want to create a never ending video loop of capsules falling for a holding video that will be projected onto a screen for an event. Like a live wallpaper almost. I'll be using a particle emitter to generate the falling capsules and Just wondering if there is a way of doing a continous loop in C4D? I've tried doing this in post but the overlays on the loop transition aren't realistic enough. The capsules are reflective and each looped clip doesn;t show the correct reflectance on the looped clips so figure to pull this off, I'd need to ensure the particals are generated as a continual loop effect. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  4. @natevplas Hahaha! We are on the same page clearly! We seemed to have found the work around at the same time. Thanks for your help :)
  5. Ok, I've found a solution. That is to save it out as a sequenced image. I just presumed exporting video means exporting to a video format. Using the image sequence allows me to retain the colour settings. Not sure why video exporting doesn't retain the same color settings but this will get me over the line with this project at least. Doesn't solve my main issue but hopefully this helps anyone who wants a work around.
  6. Yes, is that not best practise? I'm trying to render .mov and .mp4s. 16bit color. When the render completes, I view the original file from my desktop which looks as intended.
  7. @natevplas Yes, the C4D settings are correct. I had to change my AE settings to your example and when I did, the video color went even darker. So annoying. I can't find anywhere online with a solution :/
  8. @natevplas I've tried AE also and the same is happening unfortunately. Can you point me in the direction of where/how to alter the color space in C4D please? Maybe it is that which I'm unaware of. Worth a try I guess. Thanks
  9. Hi, I've created an animation in C4D. Lighting is fine when viewing the video file locally (attached #1). When I import to Premiere Pro it shows everything underexposed (attached #2). I've searched the PP forums and can't find anything to fix. I was wondering if there was a setting I need to apply when exporting from C4D to ensure colour/lighting is maintained? I've applied the settings I have within C4D to match the colour settings in PP so I'm not sure it's a calibration issue. Has anyone else run into the same issue and knows how to resolve it? Thanks
  10. Ok, thanks. I have worked out the displacement technique in After Effects. What I'm struggling with is getting my animation exported from C4D with an Alpha channel applied. I'm sure it's something simple but the black background remains when imported to AE. I have materials on my object and ambient occlusion on. Is this an issue? I've added my export/save settings for reference if this helps highlight any issues? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking to create a product reveal at the end of a commercial. The product reveal will animate while overlayed over a bg video. Please see the examples here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l9t3kswtrzgsfeg/AACKY0rqYcQvkXdCjRFCVqu4a?dl=0 The first phase of the animation will reveal the product as a transparent object with refraction. This will then transition into the real material (copper) when animation completes. I'm wondering if it's possible to setup an Alpha channel on the glass animation and then export the animation to After effects where the refraction properties will be retained? The background video will be updated frequently so I figured rendering out one animation and then exporting it to a faster video editor would be a much better workflow. Any tips on how best to approach this would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, Ash



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