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  1. Speaking of Thea, here are some other renderers of passing interest... -- Thea https://www.thearender.com/site/ -- Tachyon. http://tachyonrender.com/news.html -- Furryball RT. http://furryball.aaa-studio.eu/ I remember looking into Furryball back when I first got Octane. It just seemed like nobody uses Furryball. @nerv I agree with you, I value speed a lot. Perhaps I'm spoiled and just making the distinction between fast and super fast. No way could I CPU render anymore! (-:
  2. +1 for everyone being so awesome and civil! In response to the idea of this thread helping people choose a GPU renderer, here are my thoughts: If I were starting today I'd pick Cycles4D over Octane. (I've never used Redshift.) When I switched from Blender to C4D, I was very surprised that paying money for Octane made a number of things more difficult than the free Blender Cycles. The way the nodes work is not as smooth, and a year ago Octane was lacking a few features like feathering the edges of a box-projected texture. But by the time Cycles4D came out I was solidly in the Octane camp though, just for the speed. I really wish Octane could mix displacements in its mix material, that's turned into a big limitation to me. In my experience Octane is much faster than Cycles4D. For the kind of scenes I do anyway. But Cycles4D is more enjoyable, its a comparable renderer, and way less money. And plenty fast enough. Now that I have 23 GPUs across my machines, I'm realizing that render speed is not everything, and I think I'll sell my five once-beloved but electricity-hogging 980TI's. (Don't forget to budget for electricity if you're getting a bunch of GPUs! I can get $700 monthly electric bills.) By the way, with Octane you can sometimes add 14 more GPUs across the network and end up actually slowing down your renders. Really takes some figuring out, but that's another topic. I think what's more important than speed is really getting your head into a renderer enough to be able to set up scenes quickly with predictable results. Cheers.
  3. I've been using both Octane and Cycles4D for a while now. I was actually a Blender user who switched to C4D, and had really been missing Cycles. So I was thrilled when Cycles4D came out, and I do love it. I agree with what somebody said here that the love affair with Octane can grow sour. Especially as Octane's forum replies regularly involve a developer telling everyone that he's not wrong and that the user is wrong and uneducated. Makes me just not want to use it, even though I have about $2k into licenses. That's another thing, it's so expensive, I'll have to do some hard thinking about whether or not to upgrade when the time rolls around. Here's one thing: Bottom line, Octane Scatter lets you have so many instances in a scene, nothing competes with that. Way more than cloner, just ask Beeple. So I use Octane for big fat scenes with lots of vegetation or rocks scattered around. But Cycles4D is way more pleasant to work in for me, and just the X-Particles integration makes it a must. So it seems I choose renderers based on tasks and specific abilities. Not what's beautiful or not. In the beauty category, to me all these renderers are by far good enough. I've never had a client wish I was in a different renderer that was slightly more beautiful. Thanks for this thread, I love all the points of view and info! Cheers.

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