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  1. Myself, my favourite fossil finding goes for Ivan Sutherland, demonstrating this piece of machine: I can say that I started with 3D in a great deal because of the massive blood, sweat and tears that had to roll just so that we simple peasants could spend our days in this creative haze... that was inspiring for my entrance in the field. All you guys above gave beautiful examples of historic achievements in the gigantic field of computer graphics, but I like to wonder sometimes about all the other geniuses on wich we depend on for developing our craft. You can go back mileniums just to acknowledge again and again that we owe it all to the crazy unique talents of the past. Where would 3D be without Descartes? What about that old tale about Leonardo da Vinci declaring just "inventing the world" after elaborating his perspective laws? What to say about Goethe, who, retired after his completed masterpiece, decided to fiddle around with some color studies and gave us the first color wheel diagram? Go back a while till the greek mathematicians, try showing up in Euclid's workstation... "Hey, Euclid, you're going to the party? I heard there's gonna be girls", and he would say "Sorry, man. But I decided to waste my whole life trying to figure out something that will not have any real practical use till generations from now". Babylonians way before decided the old 360 degrees to segment the circumference and till this day we use a convention of measurement that probably had its roots on astrological mystic purposes. - All being said, Hats off to Douglas Engelbart, Ivan Sutherland, Pierre Bezier and the such, but I love to waste some idle viewport contemplation to remember that we're really just sitting on the lap of the gods...

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