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  1. The main thing I'm trying to work out now is how they did the two different textures. I think has to be two different models and not done in post, but is just how would you clip the mesh like that?
  2. ^ Thanks guys!! Just saw this on their Instagram as well "The software used is 3Ds max > mainly Morpher modifier. Rendered with VRay. No magic, just love"; https://www.instagram.com/p/BkNAyntgwrH/
  3. I think I get it, kind of, think is the pose morph applied to one object and both have the same poly count etc, then a morph deformer is used with a falloff in conjunction with a twist deformer. To get the change in texture though, I think could be two renders and one is masked out in post?
  4. Hey guys, how can this be done?

    Hey guys btw I improved on this a bit lol!
  5. Hey guys, these are amazing by 'KORB', anyone know how this was achieved?
  6. C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    Is such a great gift to the community! Am so looking forward to learning it, is so kind and humble of Samir to do this. I've got a few other predictions/things to hope for in R20, but will wait to see what everyone else says lol!!
  7. C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    Yea I heard that as well, is such great work! I hope he's ok, made me think that he might sell it to MAXON if he couldn't keep working on it. Just trying to get it to work now on R19, just got it working with the additional, .tbb that the guys mentioned here; Off topic I know lol! Was literally one of the things I thought in a wild way might end up on R20 though, just amazing is now free.
  8. C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    Holy moly! I was just about to say "Wild speculation I know, but I kind of hope MAXON acquires something like NAVIÉ Effex and has it for R20" - I start googling though and find NAVIÉ Effex IS NOW FREE??? This is crazy if true https://www.toolfarm.com/blog/entry/freebie_cinema_4d_navie_effex_is_now_free
  9. Hey guys, what do you expect will be coming to C4D with R20? Really curious to see some predictions/wish lists lol!
  10. Hey guys, how can this be done?

    ^ Hey guys, this was the result I got in the end! Thanks again for your help!!
  11. ^ Hey guys, this was the result I got in the end! Thanks again for your help!!
  12. ^ Thank you dude!! I will check this out! I have found one way, have attached the file here if you guys want 2 have a look at it! Vetex map test.zip
  13. ^ Thank you dude! Yea, without uploading a project file yet, is just being able to use a fall off sphere and have it effect only where the fall off boundaries are. Seems like the method in the video controls opacity but treats the mesh as one whole object, so isn't localized to just where the fall off is etc. I've got another technique to try using nulls and Xpresso which I think looks great, my only problem is that it's linear - perfect solution would be using the spherical falloff or a vertex map that could drive opacity and be used to deform the mesh with a Plane Effector. Thanks man again!
  14. Hi guys, I'm just wondering how you control a mesh's opacity with a plane effector? I've been able to follow this technique, just fine linked below; ^ My problem is that I can't control the fall off as a sphere for example, it's all or nothing for the whole object. So for example if I just wanted to reveal a portion of the mesh using a sphere fall off, I can't seem to be able to do that yet. Hopefully you guys can help, thanks so much!
  15. Hey guys, how can this be done?

    ^ Thanks so much guys!!! Will post results here when worked it all out!