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  1. Same, I save - restart and click the material and goes from black to how it should be.
  2. I've got exactly the same problem! Wasn't like this with the demo version
  3. Hey, yea that's the thing, I've found tutorials here and there but just wondering if anyone knows a good comprehensive training course, thanks tho dude you're right overall.
  4. Hi guys, does anyone know a good place to learn multi pass workflow from Redshift to AE? Is there a good training course? Thanks!
  5. ^ Thanks guys, will test it in S22 when I can and let you know if works!
  6. Hi guys, I've got this ball rigged to go in the X and Z directions, but any diagonal movement doesn't work properly. How can you rig a sphere so that it rotates in the correct direction at any angle? Got screenshot and project file attached. Thanks guys!! ball_rig.c4d
  7. Hey guys, admittedly I need to use C4D's curve editor a lot more, but was wondering if it would ever get a decent UI and functionality upgrade to make it less of a headache to finesse keyframes? If they could have one that makes working with keys better than the competition I think would be a huge plus. Like intelligent ways to focus on the curves you want to, the whole UI feeling a lot better and less like a spreadsheet in a sense. You guys would have used it a ton more than me, so just wondering if this is something any of you would love to see as well? I think it would just make the animation experience a lot more of a joy to perform with a leading edge curve editor in C4D.
  8. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/new_in_cinema_4d_r20/c4d_r20_sweet_new_features_in_cinema_4d_release_20
  9. Can see how cud be possible with R20 now using the VDB mesher!
  10. Hey guys, in the latest 3D World mag, there's an interview with Andres Hildebrandt from MAXON. In regards to R20 he doesn't say too much but he does say; "One of the focuses that might be obvious is that we want to reach out to the 2D community," he admits, also teasing exciting new updates due later this year. "They'll probably be very nice for most people. It is definitely a remarkable release, unfortunately I can't tell you more... yet." ^ So no idea what that means exactly other than something to do with 2D? But thought should share haha!
  11. Was thinking clipping the mesh could maybe be done with a dynamic Boole like this; http://www.thegreatsummit.com/product/meshboolean/ No idea though if would work.
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