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  1. dress o matic

    im trying to dress this heart with panties but for some reason it just falls through pretty much. any idea why?
  2. hey, is it possible to merge meshes and still keep the animations the different meshes has? also if i have cloned an object and have animations on them, if i want to open them in say UNITY the clones disappear, how do i make them compatible to other programs?
  3. export animated hair to FBX

    hi, i have made hair in C4D on a character and convert this into a polygon mesh in order to export it to a FBX to open in a different program. when i do this ofc the animation disappears. is there any way to do this without loosing the animation or do i simply have to redo the animation with the polygon objects instead?
  4. weight tool glitches

    made the mesh lower and seems to work better! thank you. was almost ripping my hair out. still cant fint the smooth though
  5. weight tool glitches

    wait wrong screen shoot
  6. weight tool glitches

    yes it is high polygon, it's a 3d scan, does this make it harder? i cant find the smooth option! this comes up under mood on the weight tool
  7. weight tool glitches

    hey, im trying to make a character do rather funny movements so i know im pushing it a bit, bu i still feel like there must be a way to make it smoother than i managed. when im trying to weight map the different joints i just really struggle making this in a smooth way. any tips?
  8. bad HAIR day

    omg thank you that helped!
  9. bad HAIR day

    it does not seem to be in the Hair Material because ive taken it off and did a quick render and it still have the same odd grain
  10. bad HAIR day

    hey! so the fan i figured out, the problem on forces was that i had accidentally choosen "exclude" instead of "include" so all kinds of winds and stuff i put in there obviously did the opposite. though still the same problem with the hair. the head has a Hair Collider, but it like separates in to these grains? i dont get why!
  11. bad HAIR day

    hey! so i have a couple of questions regarding hair: 1. my hair keeps on chopping up like this in tiny little pieces at the edge. i try to change the thickness and make sure the curve doesnt do for thick to zero to thicker again. i just cant figure it out. 2. i want the hair to have dynamics but not towards the ground but towards an attractor. i killed the "natural dynamic" of the project and put in an atractor but the hair is keep on getting pulled to the ground instead of going to the side. thank you for any help!